From New Zealand_Study Report on New Plymouth GHS_Dec.2016

We are highly pleased to introduce the following updated report on New Zealand school life by Naoka Yoshizawa, who is now joining New Plymouth Girls’ High School as a one year long exchange student.   It has passed 7 months since she started her life in New Zealand.   She is now enjoying hot summer December and Christmas there!


Hello, everyone!  This is Naoka Yoshizawa. How have you been doing? I had very busy, fun and a little bit tiring 3 weeks in New Plymouth.  I can’t believe that I spent 7 months staying here and it is almost December.   Now I would like to share my kiwi life in New Zealand with you!!


The Friday before last Friday, I went to skating with friends. It was the last time for me to go to skating with a girl called Stella, who is going to leave New Plymouth on the 25th of November because she is year 13 and she will go to university next year and she needs to prepare for that.  She always taught me how to skate all the time. I became better at skating than ever before because she always helped me. I could spend such a great time with her and I took a lot of selfies as well.  


On Tuesday and Wednesday, I went to Merrilands Primary School to teach Japanese to children who are 5 to 11 years old girls and boys.  It was quite fun to teach children. There were a lot of children, who were so kind and liked to learn other languages. I taught children of some classes with 2 other German girls and also there was an opportunity to teach them alone by myself. I brought some cards, which show numbers, families and greetings in Japanese and English. I also drew some pictures, so I sure believe that they enjoyed the classes.  In some classes, I went outside with children and played with them. They were so powerful and tough, so I was quite tired, but I enjoyed myself with them at the same time.


On Thursday, I went to Pre School, which is like a kindergarten with the same 2 German girls. There also were a lot of kids, who were 2 to 4 years old. They were so cute and their personality were so bright.  I didn’t teach any stuff in Japanese because I thought it was too difficult for kids but I played with them a lot. I almost played outside with them it was quite fun but also tired. I love one of the twin boys especially because they always said to me “Cuddle! Cuddle!”  I also did cuddle a lot with them. They were so cute that  I wanted to bring them back to Japan with me.  Actually I would like to work as a volunteer there during holidays before term 1 starts.  


The last Friday, I went to the airport to see Stella leave New Plymouth. It was so sad because she is one of my best friends also she had talked to me when we met first. I went there with 8 girls. At first nobody cried, but after Stella cried everyone started crying… Actually I can’t believe that she left yet and I can’t imagine I’m going to spend one more term without Stella.


In studying abroad, we have met somebody new, but also we must say farewell.  It is going to be my big experience and also it is going to be my growth.


Thank you for reading my report. See you next time. I’m looking forward to seeing you!!

 みなさん、こんにちは。吉澤直夏です。みなさん、どうお過ごしですか??私は、忙しくて楽しくて少しだけ疲れた3週間を過ごしました。やはり、既に7か月を過ごしてしまったことが信じられません。また、もうすぐ12月です!クリスマスの季節がやってきますね。では、皆さんと私のkiwi lifeをシェアしたいと思います。


 火曜日と水曜日には、Merrilands Primary Schoolに日本語を5歳から11歳までの子供たちに教えに行きました。やはり、人に何かを教えるのは大変でしたが、とても楽しかったです。とても優しくて、他の国の言語を学ぶのが好きな子供たちがたくさんいました。いくつかのクラスは一緒に来ていた2人のドイツの子たちと一緒に授業をしたり、一人で授業をしたりしました。私は、数や家族、挨拶について日本語と英語で書いたカードを持っていきました。また、絵や画像を入れていたので、子供たちも楽しめたと思います。外でのアクティビティでは、パワフルでタフな子たちと一緒に遊び、少し疲れましたが、楽しかったです。木曜日には、Pre Schoolという保育園のようなところに同じドイツの子たちと行きました。2歳から4歳の子供たちが多くいました。性格も明るく優しい子たちがたくさんいました。でも、すこし小さすぎたので、日本語は教えなかったです。やはり、子供は遊ぶことが大好きなので、たくさん遊びました。一日のほとんどを外で過ごしました。私は、特に双子の男の子たちが大好きです。いつも「抱っこしてー。」と、言って私のところにきて抱っこすると安心したようにすりすりしてきます。とても愛らしくて日本に持って帰りたいです(笑)正直、私はそこが大好きなので、夏休みにボランティアとして働きたいなと、思っています。