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August 5thFriday, 2016,


Here comes another good Friday with beautiful sunshine and cool breeze.  This morning you can find the air is getting a little humid.  Friday morning of the University of Saint Joseph looks very peaceful and quiet.  A little squirrel was running around the campus to celebrate this perfect Friday morning. 


Today, we got a study tour of the University of Saint Joseph’s outstanding art collection in Bruyette with Ms. Rochelle Oakley.  USJ has a great art collection in this campus museum called Bruyette, including American 19th century modern classical art works, contemporary American arts and even traditional Japanese Ukiyoe and Hanga masterpieces.  Ms. Rochelle Oakley is a professional art curator for USJ and explained to us about the collections.


One of the main reasons why USJ has such great art collection and exhibits them open to public is this university’s social status. USJ was founded in 1932 in the purpose of bringing up excellent women school teachers for women’s social advancement and promotion. The founders valued great art works, which would enable budding teachers to recognize the power of art influencing human emotion and spirits.  So USJ has been collecting great masterpieces of art in its campus.


What’s more amazing to us about the USJ’s fine art collection is that many Japanese art works are there.  You can find out among the collections the greatest masterpieces of “hanga” works of such great arties as Hiroshige, Toyokumi, and Hokusai, which are really amazing. Some of the hanga ukiyoes feature Tokaido-goju-sanntsugi, which is so familiar to us, Japanese, because we can see them on Japanese history text books.  Some of the students shouted for surprise and joy to see these works of Japanese geniuses. They have learned how Japanese traditional arts are accepted and evaluated in America, which allows us to see our own culture from different viewpoints.


The next class was to learn about applying to colleges and universities in the United Stated in Lynch Hall. A lecturer was Samantha Wasef, Assistant Director of Admission of the University of Saint Joseph. First of all, Otsuma Nakano students made a quick self-introduction and what they want to study in their future at university.  And then Ms. Samantha gave us a quick introduction about what University of Saint Joseph is like and what are the advantages for students to study at this university.  In addition, Ms. Samantha explained to us the process of going to American college and universities.  They have learned much about what’s important to go to universities in America.


I sure believe that these experiences today at the University of Saint Joseph will be so helpful and beneficial when they choose their own universities to go to.


To wrap up, here is a quote from Mark Twain again,

“ I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.”  Mark Twain







さらに、この大学のコレクションで注目すべきなのは、数多くの日本の芸術作品があることです。版画を始めとして、浮世絵なども数多く収集しています。安藤広重、歌川豊国、葛飾北斎などの浮世絵、東海道五十三次などの作品もあります。 生徒たちは、画像ではないオリジナルの浮世絵を見て、その色彩感、質感に驚きの声を上げていました。また、こうした日本の作品がアメリカでこうして大切にされていることにも大きな発見をしたことだと思います。自国の文化を相対的に見ることを改めて学びました。