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August 4th, Wednesday, 2016


Again it was a beautiful morning today without any clouds in the blue sky of Hartford.  The air in the morning was dry and crisp.  This is a perfect morning in summer days.  Against the perfect blue sky, the magnificent beauty of the Tower of McDonough, where we are going to study, is getting much more.


Today, in the morning, we had the second education class with Dr. Joann Cunard, Ph D in education.  Students are required to pick up a wordless picture book among many ones and then they are going to invent their original stories according pictures on the pages of the book. Also they have to read their own stories aloud with dramatic expression.  This is “dramatic reenactment.”  At first, they had been very shy to read aloud with emotion, but gradually they were getting very good at their improvisation which was amazing!


The next step on this class was “Reader’s Theatre”.  They were provided text set handout. Each student read the text aloud one by one and with a few.  And then each student played one of the characters appearing in this text and dramatized each own part emotionally.  Eventually, all of the students came up to the front and read each part of the text which allotted to their own.  The reading aloud with emotion was outstanding.  It did make sense why it can be called “Reader’s Theatre.” 


In the afternoon, Dr. Nancy Billias took us to one of the most famous places in West Hartford. That is the Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe Houses.  Mark Twain is a well-known writer as the author of the Adventure of Huckleberry Finn and the Adventure of Tom Sawyer. And then we visited the houses of Harriet Stowe, who is the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which made a great impact to the American Society in 19th century as a change maker to expose slavery to the world at that time.  Her impact has been so huge that even now many people are inspired by her jobs when they fight against racism and discrimination.


Today, students have learned many things about America, which will benefit all of them in the future. Looking through their own eyes, they can get what used to be and is there.


“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.”  –  Mark Twain











「旅こそが、偏見や傲慢、狭い心を決定的に、打ち負かしてくれるものだ」 マーク・トゥエィン