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Updated report from New Plymouth Girls' High School – 21st July, 2016


Now here comes the regular report from New Plymouth, New Zealand. Naoka Yoshizawa, a 10th grader of Otsuma Nakano High School, who is attending New Plymouth Girls' High School. She is studying there as an exchange student for a year. She is going to share with you what’s going on in New Plynouth.


Hello everyone!   This is Naoka Yoshizawa. This report is the fourth since I came here!  


I’m so sad because Ayaka and Shino went back to Japan… Actually I can’t believe it even now, because I have just spent the holidays! Term2 for New Plymouth GHS finished on the 8th of July and term3 will start on the 25th of July! I’m looking forward to going school and meeting friends. But there is no Ayaka and Shino… I don't think I will be able to do something alone, because if Ayaka and Shino were here, they would help me soooo much… However, I want to try everything by myself until some students from OtsumaNakano will come here and I want to be respected by these students…


By the way I would like to talk about my holidays. On 9th of July, I hung out with Ayaka at my house and we went to Deluxe Diner. There is a big sundae and we ate all of it. It was so sweet, but also delicious. After that, we went to the airport to see Ayaka and Shino. I gave a letter to them and they also gave me a letter and they were crying. I wanted to spend more time with them.


On 14th of July, I went to Gengy’s with international friends. Gengy’s is Mongolian BBQ buffet restaurant. It is a little but expensive, but so delicious and I love there. We can pick up what we want to eat and the staff bake them! And the staff also make pancakes! It was sooooo delicious! I love it. And we can also pick some ice cream and sauce etc. so we can make and eat some desert until we are full because this is buffet! It is the great point of a buffet!


On the 16th of July, I went to a kiwi friend’s house and slept over! We watched movies. The first movie is Pitch Perfect2. I love it because I love song especially somebody covered some famous songs! The second movie was Maleficent! The main character was acted by Angelina Jolie Pitt! The third movie is the final episode of Twilight! It is a love story between a vampire and human♡ On the17th of July, I went to her farm with her family! There were many cows and I also drove a tractor! It was amazing. The beginning was a little bit scary but it was soooo fun! After that, I went to Mt. Taranaki with them but it was raining… So I couldn’t see a beautiful view… 


School will start from the coming next week!   Thank you for reading. See you next time!






では、私のお休み期間を紹介します。7月9日には、彩也夏と一緒にDeluxe Dinarに行ってサンデーを食べました。結構、甘かったですが、もちろん美味しかったです。その後、彩也夏と詩乃のお見送りに行きました。彩也夏と詩乃と手紙交換をしました。やっぱり、彩也夏と詩乃は大泣きしてました。。。正直、もっと一緒に過ごしたかったです。。。L

7月14日には、インターナショナルの友達とGengy’sというモンゴリアンバーベキュービュッフェのお店に行きました。値段は少し高めですが、美味しくて私のお気に入りのお店の一つです!好きなものを選んで店員さんに渡すとその場で焼いてくれます。パンケーキも焼いてくれます。本当に美味しいです!アイスクリームなどもあり、自分の好きなものを好きなだけ選べます!やっぱり、ビュッフェの良いところはここですよね( ´∀` )