From Australia_Report on St. Andrew’s CC_June 15th_2016

From Australia, Report on St. Andrew’s Catholic College_June 15th – Emily Ishii


There is only one week to be left before the 2nd term of St. Andrew’s Catholic College in Cairns is over.  Our Otsuma Nakano exchange students are now finalizing their school like at SACC. The following is the final report by Emily Ishii, an exchange student.


To my surprise, nine weeks have passed since I came here, which means I only have two more weeks by the time when I leave here.  As I said in my previous report, the longer I stay here, the faster the weeks go by.


On the weekends, I went to two different markets two weeks in a row. In the markets, they sell many unique art works and food, so it’s always interesting to stroll through them. Last Sunday, since my host family is into mountain biking, and my host father participated in a bike race, we all went to see him.  Although mountain biking isn’t so popular in Tokyo, it seems to be a common sport in Cairns and they have the perfect environment for it. It was my first time watching a bike race, so it was pretty interesting. There was loud music, and at the goal, which was on the beach, there was an actual DJ on a truck, which was really cool. The place had a fun atmosphere, pretty different from what you would find in Japan.


We also went to the movie theatre, where what I felt was different from Japan was also the atmosphere. It may have been a onetime thing, but within “an appropriate manner” in a theatre, the people watching were more open about their emotions which I found was even more fun to watch with.


Last Saturday, a teacher from school took my friend and me to his daughter’s prom so that we could see that part of the culture as well since it is not a common thing in Japan.  Many of the students attending the prom would spend the whole day preparing and getting their picture taken before the actual prom. At the place where the prom was held, there was an arrival where people gather to see people arrive in their unique rides and walk on the red carpet. There were many people cheering, taking pictures and it was exactly as if it was a celebrity event.


As for a daily life here, I have noticed that in Japan a lot of public transportation is available, which makes people’s life so convenient and easier for our very busy lives. We also wouldn’t need to use cars as much. Whereas here, having a car would be almost essential since public transportation wouldn’t take you everywhere, so when we have to access anything we want or anywhere we want to go, we need a car.


At school, every Wednesday is a sports day so students come to school in their sports uniform and do sports in the afternoon. Some students do community service in that time, so my friend and I always do community service by going to the prep classes and helping out. Prep is a grade between kindergarten and elementary school. At prep, I help the little kids write, read and do different kinds of activities. I have so much fun spending time with the prep kids since they are all so enthusiastic and give me energy. In the Japanese class for high school, the students did a presentation on Australian sports so I was able to learn about them. A lot of people seem to like a sport called AFL, short for Australian Football League, which is only in Australia. I used to think that it was basically like rugby since they looked alike but after one of the students did a presentation on AFL, I understood the difference between them. There is a massive AFL match called “State Of Origin” which was held a few weeks ago. Queensland, which is where I am in right now won this match and I saw some stores celebrate by selling their teams merchandise.


I really don’t want to leave since I have gotten so used to my life here, and I am really comfortable. I am going to miss being able to walk to the beautiful beach any time, the relaxed lifestyle people have here, and most of all, the amazing people. This week, year 11 students have block exams so I don’t have any classes but I have classes on the week 11, which is the last week, so I hope to make the best out of it.



Emily Ishii,