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Here comes the brand new report from Oregon, America on school life at Pleasant Hill High School.  Yes, Ellie Goto, a senior 1st grader, joining this school for a whole year, has updated her report on her life in USA.  The world is so huge that students who are in New Zealand and Australia feel their seasons changing into autumn, on the other hand, in Oregon, Ellie feels spring is approaching.


Hi guys!  How's it going there?  In Oregon, it's getting warmer right now!  We can already feel like spring, so rainy days make me feel hard.


I would like to talk about seasons.  Now that spring sports are coming here, I am sort of sad because my cheer leading is done. Also I definetely wish to go back to football season!  Yes, I feel so down because such kinds of sports season is ending.  We don't have football games in Japan. Here in America, most people like football and baseball. We have been in basketball and wrestling season but those sports will be done soon.

Well, I had a big surprise last month! My parents and grandparents came here to Oregon from Japan!  My host family and my family had planned secretly and everyone except me knew and surprised me! When I came back from my cheer practice, I opened the door, and saw my parents taking a video. I really freaked out and cried a lot. Anyway, I stayed at a rental house with them for 5 days and made awesome memories. They also came and toured my school here in Pleasant Hill.  While they were here, we went to visit the University of Oregon and Lane Community College where they used to go. Then we visited the Campbell House the place where they were married. My parents were so shocked that many things had changed such as new buildings at University of Oregon. I'm so grateful to come here where my parents used to be and where they got married!

Now in my publication class, we are working on the pen pal with Otsuma Nakano.  My classmates have many various questions about Japan. There are a few of them who know a bit but most people don't. I try to tell them as much I can when they ask me, but I would love it if you guys who are going to do pen pal could tell them lots of things but not only about Otsuma Nakano.


I'm teaching Japanese to my friend, but it is so challenging:-( what he asks me always makes me consider about Japanese language. You know we really don't care what our sounds and what Japanese grammar is like. For instance what the difference is between "masu"and "desu" and so on. Sometimes I have to answer to their questions to say "I don't know…" but I'm enjoying doing it.


Have you ever felt like being glad when you visit somewhere? I usually feel like that, of course, my class teachers, friends and host family help me enjoy, but when I just happened to see the sky, I felt very blessed just seeing sky, stars, sunsets. I can’t explain how I am feeling in words, so I put those picture below, please feel Oregon as you can!




Ellie Goto