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We firmly believe that a well-rounded and healthy individual has a range of recreational interests. Our extracurricular program is designed to offer the opportunity to expand their interests and skills. It provides the varying interests and talents of our students in a relaxed and fun-filled manner.Our extensive program runs after school Monday to Friday, and Saturday afternoon.


Koto Club,Pop Music Club,Chorus Club,Brass Band Club,Drama Club,Tea Ceremony Club,Flower Arrangement Club,Living Art Club,Calligraphy Club,Art Club,Cooking Club,Manga Club,Biology Club,Chemistry Club,Junior Red Cross,Literature Study Club,Peace Study Club


Dance Club,Cheerleading Club,Table Tennis Club,Tennis Club,Soft Tennis Club,Badminton Club,Softball Club,Skiing Club,Kendo Club,Basketball Club,Volleyball Club

Tea Ceremony Club Calligraphy Club Brass Band Club Tea Ceremony Club Koto Club Dance Club Cheerleading Club Table Tennis Club Kendo Club Tennis Club Softball Club Volleyball Club

Times of the School Day

Morning Session 8:20 ~ 12:35
Lunch Break 12:35 ~ 13:20
Afternoon Session 13:20 ~ 15:10
Cleaning 15:10 ~ 16:00
Extra-curricular activities 16:00 ~ 17:30

Tuition(Approximate Amount)

First & Fourth Year Approximately 1,000,000 yen
Second Year and on(except Fourth) Approximately 750,000 yen

Student Life

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