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Our education system is divided into junior high education and senior high education.Each education system has its aim to foster students’ skills depending on its stage and to have them fully fledged at the end of our school program.

The school is proudly committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our students.We encourage students to continue to be curious, ask questions, and gain strategies for research and inquiry, while giving necessary attention to essential skill development.Students are encouraged to be thoughtful in their actions, be active learners and enthusiastic participants and contributors in the life of the school community.

Otsuma Nakano is now engaged in the so-called "Global Education Program". In 2015,Otsuma Nakano was accredited as one of the "Super Global High School Associates"by the Ministry of Education of Japan. The school has just started to carry out the plan and to realize the idea as "Global Education Program". The purpose of this program is,under our School Policy "Arts for Mankind", to foster global leaders at our school,who have global citizenship in mind, and make great contributions to the society.It also focuses on understanding the rapidly developing world and fostering global leaders that can be internationally active in the future.



The school's education system consists of three courses:
Core Course, Advanced Course, and Global Leaders Course.

1) Core Course

The main purpose of this course is to strengthen the students' basic skills and encourage them to master further advanced knowledge for their study.

2) Advanced Course

The aim of this course is to enhance the students' abilities at a considerably high level.
The students of this course are challenged to gain deeper understanding and appreciation of the complexity of any given body of knowledge or set of skills.

3) Global Leaders Course

Starting in 2016, this course is designed for the students to understand the rapidly developing world and to foster global leadership that can be helpful in the future.




National / Public Univ.
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies 1
Tokyo Gakugei University 1
Gunma University 1
Saitama University 1
Tokyo Metropolitan University 1
Yokohama City University 1
Saitama Prefectural University 1


Private Univ.
Waseda University 8
Keio University 6
Sophia University 8
International Christian University 1
Meiji University 4
Aoyama Gakuin University 7
Rikkyo University 6
Chuo University 6
Hosei University 3
Gakushuin University 1
Otsuma Women’s University 43
Tsuda College 1
Tokyo Woman’s Christian University 4
Japan Women’s University 2
Foreign Univ.
Loyola University of Chicago 1
University of Wisconsin-Superior 1
El Camino College 1



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