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Otsuma Nakano Junior & Senior High School is a private six-grade(Grade (Year) 7th to Grade(Year) 12th) girls' school for secondary education with approximately 1500 students and 130 faculty members, including teachers, instructors, nurses, accountants, etc.. It has a history of more than 40 years to send out intellectual and hardworking students to the society.
Otsuma Nakano is located in the heart of Tokyo, and our students commute from all over the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Most of their commuting times by bus, train, or walking are within one hour. Walking down the busy street from the Nakano station, you might notice a modern complex of several school buildings.
Otsuma Nakano is affiliated with Otsuma Women's University. So, Otsuma Nakano's graduates are qualified to enter the university if their grade average is met with certain requirements. They also apply for admission to other Japanese prestigious universities, including national universities such as Tokyo University, and private universities such as Waseda University, Keio University, and some others.


School Profile

School Profile[PDF]

Annual School Profile - 2016
School Principal Ms. Masako Miyazawa
School Board Chairperson Mr. Kuniaki Hanamura
School Acting Principal Mr. Yuji Nozaki
School Acting Principal Mr. Takao Morohashi
Head of School Administration Office Mr. Fujio Nagasawa


Total Enrollments in 2016 ( May in 2016 )
Junior High School(Grade 7th - 9th) 778
Senior High School(Grade 10th - 12th) 747
Total 1525



Panoramic view Patio Schoolyard Cafeteria(Cosmos Agora) Main Arena Martial Art Hall Classroom Music room Japanese room(Waetsuan) Library Computer room(EM Center) Calligraphy room English room Chemical lab Cooking lab




Every Classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard or smart board,
which is connected to the server through the school-wide local area network.

Interactive whiteboard Using the tablet in the classroom Using the tablet in the classroom


International Partners/Affiliated Schools

Otsuma Nakano High School is partnered with the following foreign schools and universities.

Australia St. Andrew's Catholic College
New Zealand New Plymouth Girls' High School


Pleasant Hill High School
Woodstock Academy
University of Saint Joseph




Otsuma Nakano Junior & Senior High School

2-3-7 Kamitakada, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL:+81-3-3389-7211 FAX:+81-3386-6494



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