From Ireland & Canada – Study Abroad Reports – Getting into the Final

本校は、「地球市民の育成」をスクールミッションに掲げるユネスコ・スクールの学校です。 その取り組みの一環として、様々な留学プログラムが盛んにおこなわれています。いよいよ、この時期は、海外校への1年留学の最後、学年末の時期となります。1年留学のファイナルです。学年末を迎え、本校の留学生も帰国を迎えます。アイルランド留学生とカナダ留学生からの留学レポートをどうぞ。

Otsuma Nakano is a UNESCO School whose mission is to “nurture global citizenship. As part of our efforts to realize it, we are actively engaged in various study abroad programs.  Now it is when students are facing the end of their study abroad programs. the school year. Here are reports from Ireland and Canada.

From Bray in Ireland

Hi everyone! I’m K.H and I’m staying in Ireland for 9 months. Finally, this is my last monthly report. I can’t wait to see my family or friends, but also, it’s sad to leave here. This time, I’ll look back my whole year.

In September, I had no English and so many things to worry. Everything was new for me, and it was quite difficult to follow even if it’s the normal classes. So, I was always anxious, but the classmates and teachers were so kind to me, so I didn’t go to panic. Also, I went to Achill which was the first and last 4 days and 3 nights trip in here.

In October, I had work experience. I went to primary school for the first work experience. I worked only 3 hours, so that wasn’t hard. I’ve thought that there will be noisy and mess. But the kids were calm and peaceful, and they were just cute. Sometimes I felt difficulty that the way to interact them because I’ve never worked like this place, but I enjoyed so much!

In November, our musical rehearsals started. I’ve never done musical before, so I was extremely excited! At that time, I was used to Ireland gradually, so I just enjoyed it. When I couldn’t understand teachers’ instructions, I went to ask them each time. I needed a bit of brave, but I did it because I didn’t want to miss any information.

In December, I did performance in Talent Show. I danced “LOCO” by ITZY. It is K-POP group, so I wasn’t sure that girls know about them, or they would enjoy my performance. But on that day, so many of them enjoyed it and I got 3rd prize in senior, so I was delighted.

In January, we had musical finally. We did it four times include full dress up rehearsal. We did it great and I felt such a sense of accomplishment after the whole show did finish. Through this, the bond of our year deepened so much!

In February, after midterm, 3 French girls came to our school for 6 weeks. They were nice students, and one girl named Lana was planning to go to Tokyo in this October. So, we got closer in brief time. We talked about our own countries and shared the different points between Ireland to France and Japan. That was so fun! Also, she helped me to write a script for presentation in French class.

In March, we had drumming workshop. That was the first time that I touched the African drum. I loved the sounds of them. We learned some ways to play, and I thought I want to play one whole song with it.

In April, I went to the Giant’s causeway during the midterm. It was the biggest one-day trip I ever had in Ireland. There were so beautiful. I felt this month passed so quickly because when I noticed, it was already May.

In May, we had a workshop called “Reptiles Heaven”. In this workshop, we touched some types of reptiles. At first, I thought they are scary, but in fact, they were very mild. I put them on my knees and hanged snakes on my neck! The woman who did it was really nice. The texture of them were distinct, so everyone should try to touch them at least once. Also, we went kayaking on 18/5. I’ve never done sea kayaking before, so it was quite fun!! It was warm and sunny, so I enjoyed more. Sometimes, controlling kayak was difficult, but I got the hang of it soon. Luckily, we met seals during it! They came to very close to us, so I could see their faces or tails clearly. They were big and cute, I had not many chances to see wild animals in my life, so I was very happy.

I learned and tried a lot of things in this year. Ireland is different from Japan for everything, so that was fun to know about culture and people. I improved my English skills so much, made friends and enjoyed entire year. I have no regrets for this year. Also, I got friends’ and teachers’ names on my flag. I will treasure it for the rest of my life. I want to say thank you so much to everyone who I met here in Ireland.

Thank you for your kind attention during the past year. I hope I will you see again somewhere.

皆さんこんにちは!アイルランドに1年留学K.H です。ついにこれが私の最後のレポートとなりました。家族や友達に会うのが待ちきれませんがそれと同時に、アイルランドを去るのが悲しくもあります。今回は一年の振り返りをしていこうと思います。

9月には、英語も流暢に話せず、心配なことがとても沢山ありました。全てが私にとって新しいことで、普段の授業でさえついていくことがかなり難しかったです。しかし、クラスメイトや先生がとても親切でパニックに陥ることはありませんでした。また、アイルランドでの最初で最後の3泊4日旅行である、Achill にも行きました。








5月には、「Reptiles Heaven」という名前のワークショップがありました。このワークショップでは、いくつかの種類の爬虫類に触ったりしました。初めは少し怖かったのですが、実際には全くそんなことはなく彼らはとても穏やかでした。膝にのせたり、蛇を首にかけたりもしました!進行役の人も面白かったです。触感がとても独特で不思議だったので、少なくとも一回は皆さんもトライしてみるといいと思います。また、5月18日にカヤックにも行ってきました。今まで海でのカヤックは1度もやったことがなかったのでとても楽しかったです。気温も暖かく晴れていたのでより楽しむことが出来ました。時々カヤックをコントロールするのが難しかったですが、すぐにコツを掴めました。さらに幸運なことに、途中でアザラシに会いました!すごく近くまで来てくれて、顔や尾をはっきりと見ることが出来ました。彼らはとても大きくて可愛く、今まで野生の動物を見る機会があまりなかったのでとても嬉しかったです。


1年間、ご清覧ありがとうございました。 またどこかでお会いしましょう。

From British Colombia, Canada

Hi I’m Y.M. I’ve been in Canada for 9 months this month. I was very busy and hard work. Burnaby Central High School had an event called “culture week” where we performed K-pop dance at lunch time. Also, after culture week, there was a presentation for four days in a row. We performed works from the 3rd period dance class and the dance club.

On the 1st day, I went to Burnaby South High School, and on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th days, we performed at Central High School until 7-8 pm. In addition, next month, I’m planning to hold a final dance recital at Central High School. I’m looking forward to dancing 3 pieces from the dance club, a dance class piece and student pieces with my friends. On my days off, I learned to dance professionally and made pizza from scratch with my host family. Also, I went to “Richmond Night Market” with my friends. It’s close to the Canada airport, and there are various shops, so it was a good memory.

I also went to sea with my best friends. We bought sweets, drinks, sushi and Korean chicken, and swimming. In addition, I volunteered at the sports day on weekends. I helped with the equipment for the athletic meet. Recently, I’m learning to play golf in P.E. class. It’s interesting experience that I would never think of in Japan. Golf teachers came to teach me and taught me everything from how to hold. Canada also has “Mother’s Day” just like Japan, and it was also my mother’s and sister’s birthday, so I sent a letter to Japan. I felt that I had a great experience. I’m sad that school will end next month.

今月で 9 か月が過ぎました。5 月も毎日忙しく大変でした。バーナビーセントラル高校は『culture week』 というイベントがあり、そこで K-pop ダンスを昼に披露しました。また、culture week の後は、4 日間連続発表会がありました。ダンスクラス作品とダンス部の作品をパフォーマンスしました。1 日目は、バーナビーサウス高校に行き、2,3,4日目はセントラル高校で 7-8pm まで練習とリハーサルと発表をしてとても 疲れましたが、お客さんの歓声で緊張がほどけ、達成感を感じた日々でした。そして、私は来月もセントラル高校で踊る最後の発表会があるので楽しみです。

休みの日は、本格的なダンスを習い、私のホストファミリーとピザを生地から作りました。また、友達と「Richmond Night Market」に行き、素敵な思い出です。 そして海にも行き友達と泳ぎました。さらに、週末に運動会のボランティアをやりました。最近は、体育の授 業でゴルフを習っています。日本では考えられない興味深い経験です。カナダにも「母の日」があり、日本に 手紙を送りました。あと少しで学校が終わるのが残念です。6 月も後悔なく、たくさん楽しみたいと思います。