From America and Canada Exchange Reports on New Experiences

フランス、ドイツというヨーロッパで留学している本校生徒のレポートに続き、アメリカ、カナダへ留学中の生徒のupdated reportが届きましたので紹介します!

Now it’s great to share the following exchange reports from America and Canada as well as the ones from France and Germany in Europe.

From Oregon, America,   Exchange Report

Hi, I am M.C. and now studying at Westside Christian High School in Oregon, USA for one year. It hasn’t snowed here in Oregon since January, and the weather has been nice and comfortable. It’s been five months since I came to the U.S. and I already feel sad when I think about going back to Japan. This time, I would like to write about the Final Exam and Art show.

First, let’s talk about the Final Exam. The subject that I was particularly worried about was Chemistry. I was especially worried about Chemistry because the quizzes I had to take in class were unbelievably difficult. One week before the exam, I spent almost all of my time studying Chemistry, but I had a hard time explaining it in English. I didn’t understand many of the words used in the explanations, and I spent a lot of time trying to read and understand the explanations. On the day of the exam, I used the entire 90-minute class period and managed to finish it, which gave me a great sense of accomplishment. The difference between this and Japan is that if you don’t have enough time, you can use it after the exam. If you have more time, you can turn in your work early and study for other subjects. (Those who were good at Chemistry also had extra time!) Perhaps that’s why the exam didn’t start at the chime, but rather the explanation of the exam started at the chime, and students were allowed to start solving the exam papers as soon as they were handed out. Incidentally, other science subjects are also difficult, and my host brother, who is taking Biology, had a printout that was as thick as a book. According to my host brother, “Chemistry is more difficult,” but I thought Biology was a lot of work.

Next, let’s talk about the Art show. The Art show is an event where the work of the Art classes (there are three!) and the Digital Design classes are displayed so that people outside the school, such as family and friends, can see the students’ art. I thought that each student would choose one piece of art, but I was surprised to see that they displayed all the pieces they had created in class. I thought they would choose one work per person, but I was surprised to see that they displayed all the works made by the classes. In total, there were more than 400 works displayed by all the classes. It was a fun event because it’s not often that you get a chance to see what other classes are making.

Thank you for reading my report until the end.

アメリカのオレゴン州にあるWestside Christian High Schoolに1年留学中のM.Cです。 オレゴンでは1月に入ってから雪が降ることもなく、天気が良く過ごしやすい日々が続いています。アメリカに来て5ヶ月という折り返し地点につき、日本に帰ることを考えるとすでに悲しくなります。今回はFinal Exam, Art showについて書こうと思います。

まずは「Final Exam」についてです。私が特に心配していた教科はChemistryです。なぜなら授業内で受けていた小テストが鬼のように難しかったからです。試験1週間前からはChemistryにほぼ全ての時間を費やし勉強していましたが、英語での説明に凄く苦戦しました。そもそも単語の説明に使われている単語が分からないことが多く、説明を理解しながら読み進めることにとても多くの時間を使いました。試験当日は90分あった授業を全て使い、なんとか終わらせることが出来たため、達成感が大きかったです。ここで日本と違うところは、時間が足りなければ試験終了後も時間が使えるという点。もし時間が余れば、早めに提出して他の教科の勉強をしても良いという点だと思います。(Chemistryも得意な人は時間を余らせていました!)そのためかチャイムがなったら試験開始ではなく、チャイムがなったら試験の説明が始まるというような形式で、試験用紙が配られた人から解き始めて良いとされていました。ちなみにその他の理科の科目も難しいそうで、Biologyを取っているホストブラザーは本のような分厚さのプリントを持っていました。ホストブラザー曰く、「Chemistryのほうが難しい」そうですが、Biologyは量が多くて大変そうだと思いました。

次にArt showについてです。Art showはArtのクラス(3種類あります!)と、Digital Designのクラスの作品が展示され、家族や友達など学校外の人も生徒のArtを見て回れるイベントです。私のArtのクラスでは一人につき4種類の作品を展示しました。1人1つの作品を選ぶのかと思っていましたが、クラスで作った全ての作品を展示していたため驚きました。全てのクラスを合わせると400以上の作品が展示されました。他のクラスがどんな作品を作っているのかを知れる機会はなかなか無いので楽しいイベントでした。


From Langley,  Canada,  Exchange Report,

Hello, I am M.T. an exchange international student.  I am reporting to you from Canada. Today I would talk about New Year of Japan and Canada.

First of all, New Year’s Day in Japan is an important and indispensable event for all of us to celebrate the New Year and pray for good health for the new year. For us children, it is a time when we get to eat foods that we don’t usually see on the dinner table, such as Osechi and Ozoni, and receive New Year’s gifts. Even people who usually say, “I don’t believe in God,” and who seem to be the least likely among human beings to receive blessings from God, go to the shrine to pay their respects and pray. I didn’t feel this way when I was in Japan, but now that I’m in a country where there are many devoted believers, I feel that the Japanese are strange. Also, I personally wonder what kind of wishes people are making when they say, “You can’t live your life by wishing for others.

Next, I would like to introduce you to the Canadian New Year, but Christmas is the biggest event here and from then on it is just a normal day. If I had to say, I would say that fireworks are set off right after the new year. I didn’t know about them and thought they were firecrackers, so I didn’t know about them until school resumed and I heard a presentation by a classmate during class. Incidentally, the presentation was about the differences in events between Canada and my home country. I was happy to learn about the culture of not only Japan but also other countries. The thing that surprised me the most was that the New Year does not always start on January 1, but in some countries, it starts on January 20.

Thank you for reading my report!


今回は、カナダと日本の正月についてお話ししたいと思います。 まず、日本の正月といえば、新年を祝い、その年の健康などを祈る、国民にとって欠かせない大切な行事ですよね。私たち子供にとってはおせちや、お雑煮といった、普段食卓に出てこないものを食べたり、お年玉をもらえたりと、非日常を味わい、新年に対する期待がどんどん膨らむものです。そして、初詣へ行き、お賽銭をし、祈るという、普段「自分、神様とか信じないんで」なんて言っている、人類の中でも一番神からのご加護を受けられなさそうな人ですら参拝をします。日本にいたときはそれほど感じませんでしたが、熱心な信仰者がたくさんいる国にきて、それを考えると、日本人は変だなと感じます。また、個人的に「他力本願で生きていたらだめだ」という言葉を言っている人はどんな願い事をしているのか気になります。



From Burnaby,  Canada,  Exchange Report,

Hi, everyone! I’m H.O, currently studying abroad for one year at Burnaby in Canada. It snowed a lot in Burnaby and I enjoyed making snowmen and sledding with my host sister and roommate. In this report, I would like to talk about what I experienced in December.

When it comes to December, I can imagine Christmas! At the beginning of December, my host mother gave me an Advent Calendar. This is a calendar that counts down the days until Christmas and when you open the place of date, there are sweets in it. I had never seen it like this calendar in Japan, so it was really fun to open it each day. Also, my host family and I decorated the outside of the house with Christmas lights, decorated the living room with a big Christmas tree, and hung socks on the fireplace which was very authentic so I was surprised. On Christmas Eve, we had delicious feasts, and on Christmas morning we opened presents. I got a lot of presents and my host family and roommate seem to feel happy with the presents which I chose the presents and they said thank you to me, so it was a great Christmas!

Also, my high school had an event called Breakfast with Santa, and I participated with my friends. As the name suggests, this event can eat breakfast with Santa and take pictures. It becomes a great memory for me to have breakfast with my friends at school, and take many pictures.

I feel the time passed so quickly when I think that the rest of my study abroad life is a half year, but I will continue to take care of myself and do my best. Thank you for reading my report till the end.


12月と言ったらクリスマスですよね!月の始まりの頃に、ホストマザーがAdvent Calendarというのをくれました。これはクリスマスまでの日にちをカウントダウンするカレンダーで、日付のところを開けるとお菓子が入っているのです。日本では見たことのないものだったので一日ずつ開けていくのが楽しかったです。また、ホストファミリーと一緒に家の外を電飾で飾ったり、リビングには大きなクリスマスツリーを飾り、暖炉に靴下をかけたりしたのですが、とても本格的で少し驚きました。クリスマスイブはみんなでおいしいごちそうを食べ、クリスマスの朝にはみんなでプレゼントを開けました。たくさんプレゼントをもらえて、ホストファミリーやルームメイトも私の選んだプレゼントを喜んで、ありがとう!と言ってくれて最高のクリスマスでした!

また、私の学校ではBreakfast with Santaというイベントがあり、友達と一緒に参加しました。これは名前の通りサンタさんと一緒に朝食が食べられて、写真も撮れるというイベントです。学校で友達と一緒に朝食を食べられてたくさん写真も撮れていい思い出になりました。