From America & Canada – Our New Stories Have Just Begun Here!

Now new study abroad reports from the following three students in Oregon, America and British Columbia, Canada.   Some have just kicked off their exchange programs and the other have stayed more than half a year.    Please enjoy their reports with us all!

Hi, I am E. U.   An exchange student at a local school in Oregon, America.   Now it is the fourth week of school today.    At the beginning of September,  I was taken to a camping trip for four days and three nights. I was surprised to see my host father making a fire without using a lighter.   The situation there was quite harsh as there was no electric toilet paper in the bathroom and no cell phone service at all. However, I was able to return to my childhood.  We got off the mountain and went to see the ocean.  It was already quite cold in September in Crouton, and my host family was taking a dip in the ocean, but they said they couldn’t breathe after being in it for so long.  I didn’t have a bathing suit, so I just put my feet in the water, but even that was quite cold.

American schools are very different from Japanese schools, and teachers did not even know that I was an international student, so I had to tell them myself. In addition, I was locked out by the principals because they changed my schedule without my permission, and I was treated as an absent student even though I was present in class.  I’m in the midst of being baptized as an American student. I finally feel that I am here in America. The students are very different from those in Otsuma Nakano, and there is nothing unusual about having pink hair. Classes are over 10 minutes before the chime and students are ready to move to the next classroom 5 minutes before the chime.

What is different among them is their enthusiasm for sports. Once a month, the school holds a home volleyball game, and many students gather in the gym. At the time of the game, there is an original school cheer song that everyone sings together. When I was in Japan, I had never been to a home game before, so I was overwhelmed. It was even more exciting when there was a home football game.

In addition to the games, we had our first assembly of the year last week, where the juniors and sophomores were divided into teams, and the freshmen and seniors were divided into teams and had a Frisbee match. It’s only been a month, but I’m having a lot of experiences that I can’t have in Japan. Every day I am bombarded with cultural differences, but the classes are not that difficult, and that is the only thing that helps. I took an algebra class, but the content was so difficult that I could probably solve it in the first or second grade. The cooking class is also easy. The cooking class started today, and today we made muffins. We also have a class to make a graduation album. I’m in charge of 16 pages. I would like to make it pretty.

Yesterday we harvested apples from the garden and made applesauce.  Our host sister loves reptiles, and while we were harvesting, she found a snake and started keeping it. I also received a Japanese Bible from the pastor of the church I go to every week with my family. I had been reading the Bible in English and couldn’t understand what was going on, but now I couldn’t understand it in Japanese either. I found out that there was not only a base story, but also a very detailed ministry.  I would like to learn more about it from now on.

My story in America has just begun.   All are what I cannot experience in Japan.   I  can enjoy all!


学校が始まって4週目に入りました。9月に入った瞬間に3泊4日でキャンプに連れて行ってもらいました。 ホストファザーがライターを使わず火を起こしていて驚きました。トイレの電気やトイレットペーパーが無かったり、携帯が全く使え無かったりという状況はかなり過酷ではありました。しかし童心に帰る事ができました。山を降りて海を見に行きました。クルトンの9月はもうすでにかなり寒く、ホストファミリーが海に入っていましたが、ずっと入っていると息ができなくなると言っていました。私は水着がなかったので、足だけ水に入れましたが、それだけでもかなり冷たかったです。



ゲームの他にも先週には今年初めてのアセンブリーがあり、ジュニアとソホモアで1チーム、フレッシュマンとシニアで1チームになりフリスビー対決をしていました。まだ1ヶ月ですが、日本ではできない経験をたくさんしています。毎日文化の差に揉まれていますが、授業内容はそこまで難しくなくそれが唯一の救いです。代数の授業を取りましたが、おそらく内容的には中一か中二で私でも解けるような難易度です。料理の授業も楽です。今日から料理の期間が始まり、今日はマフィンを作りました。卒業アルバムを制作する授業もあります。私は16ページ担当します。 可愛く仕上げたいと思います。

昨日は庭からリンゴを収穫してアップルソースを作りました。ホストシスターは爬虫類が大好きなのですが、収穫の途中で蛇を見つけて飼い始めました。それから毎週家族と通っている教会の牧師さんから日本語の聖書をいただきました。今まで英語の聖書を読んでいて何が何だか分からなかったのですが、日本語でもわかりませんでした。ただベースのストーリーだけではなく、かなり小細かにストーリーがあった事がわかりました。 これから知識をつけていきたいと思います。


Hello, everyone.!  This is M.T.  from Aldergrove Community Secondary in Canada.   I am a newcomer to this school in Canada as an international student from Otsuma Nakano since September.

Today,  I will talk about the street of Canada. There is car society, therefore road is very large, and sidewalk is narrow.  What surprised me most is if traffic light is green light, you have to push button closed by cross walk.  But it is to turn buck red light after it counts 15 second, Also, there discharge much car exhaust fumes, I guess that is assisting Global warming. However, that is also true, this country has very large land, and it has big space between shopping arcade for residential area. Therefore live in there people aren’t many walk to get around. Always I feel so tired when I get back home to school. Because I have to walk 2 km.

Thank you for reading my report.   I will keep on doing my best to have fun here!

皆さん、こんにちは。カナダのアルダーグローブコミュニティセカンダリーに通っている M.T.です。 私がカナダにきて1カ月が経とうとしていますが、そこで私が感じた日本とカナダの相違 ~街並み編~についてお話ししたいとおもいます。

それは、カナダが車社会であることです。そのため、道路はとても広く、歩道は狭いです。 何より驚いたのは、たとえ歩行者信号が青であったとしても渡ることを知らせるボタンを押さなければならず、15秒程のカウントダウンが始まり、すぐ赤に戻ってしまいます。 また、排気ガスの排出が多いため、個人的に、地球温暖化促進に繋がっているのでは、という懸念を持ちました。 ただ、それもそのはず。カナダは土地がとても広く、店が立ち並ぶ所と住宅街は離れていて、徒歩で移動すること自体が少ないのです。 しかし、私は帰り道の2kmを歩かなければならないので、いつもとても疲れます。



Hello, everyone!!! I’m M.M. and I’m an international exchange student at Burnaby Mountain Secondly School in BC, Canada. I hope you can enjoy Canada life together through this report.

It’s already been eight months since I came to Canada. Actually, I don’t feel it. For me it was literally short time. Time flies… Everything is super-fast for me especially since I came to Canada. Anyway, I have to go back to Japan so I should really enjoy this life in Canada as possible. By the way I like fall in Canada except rainy. All leaves have changed color. It’s pretty and kind of nostalgic. I miss fall in Japan.

Finally, my school was started! Finally! I had been waiting for very long time…. Summer break for two months….it’s really long….Even I was going to language school during this summer break I felt it’s too much. I literally enjoyed my summer break though!!  Actually, I decided to go to language school in summer break, but I can say it was such an amazing decision. I experienced a lot of things. Also, I met a lot of awesome people. I’ll never forget this wonderful summer.

Anyway, I went back to BMSS!!! After this semester was started, I feel everything has changed a lot. I’m taking ELL, ELL science, food studies and photography right now. In last semester we have only two classes in a day but now we have four classes in a day. It means there are more opportunities to make friends. Thanks to this,  I have many friends from different countries right now and I’m obviously enjoying my life. Actually, last semester due to COVID-19 many events at school were cancelled but now there are many events!!! Few days ago we had Karaoke at school. It was super amazing lol Unlink Japan school everyone wasn’t shy then sung and danced together like concert. I wish I can put video on this report…lol

By the way, I love to see sunset lol.  When I was in Japan, I was living in Tokyo, so it was kind of hard to go to beaches but in Canada it’s really easy.  Therefore, after school on sunny day I usually go to beaches, see sunset and chill with my friends. However unfortunately it’s going to be rainy hole week. I really want to cry…..I hope weather is going to be changed. I don’t trust the weather forecast though. They have never worked lol

Few days ago I went to Spanish restaurant with my Spanish friends. Actually, it was my first time to eat authentic Spanish dishes but my friends chose everything and described all foods for us. It was really fun and unforgettable memory lol Next time I have to take them to Japanese restaurant and explain about all foods lol

For the last part,  I want to talk about my food studies class. I literally like this class because every day we can make something and eat!!! It’s amazing class for me who like eating very much. I want to show you guys this peach cake!! It was really easy to make but at the same time it was very tasty and sweet. I can’t wait tomorrow;)

I will keep trying hard !!!Thank you for reading my report until the end. See you soon.


カナダに来てからすでに8ヶ月が経ちました。実は実感が全くありません。わたしにとってはこのカナダ生活は一瞬です。時間は本当にすぐ過ぎますね、、、特にカナダに来てから全てが早い。とにかくそれでも1月には日本に帰らなきゃいけません。できるだけ精一杯カナダ生活を楽しみますね! 私はカナダでの秋が好きです、雨を除いてですが。すべての葉が美しく色を変えます。すごく綺麗ですが、懐かしくもあり日本の秋が恋しくなります。


さてさてBMSSに戻ってきました! 学校が始まったあといろんなことが変わったと感じました。今、私はELL、ELL理科、料理と写真のクラスをとっています。前学期では1日に2教科しかなかったのですが、今は4教科あります。その分たくさん友達をつくる機会が増えてとても嬉しいです。そのおかげで色んな国からの友達が増え、目に見えてすごく楽しく過ごしています。実は前学期はコロナの影響でたくさんの学校でのイベントが中止になったのですが、今学期は違います。数日前は学校でカラオケがありました。日本の学校とは違い、みんな恥ずかしがらずコンサートのように一緒に歌い踊りました。このレポートに動画を載せれたらいいのに(笑)