From America & Canada – New Study Abroad Programs Kick off!

From America and Canada – A new exchange programs started!  It’s great to share the following two reports on their new study abroad programs in America and Canada.  Here we go!

Report from Seattle and Oregon in America,

Hi, everyone.  I am E. U. and I kicked off my study abroad in America since the end of July.  I am happy to share my experiences in America.

After the pre-training exchange program in Seattle, I am now in Colton, Oregon, where I am going to study abroad. During the training, I was able to make friends with all the international students and made many memories. During the first week of the training, I took a test for international students called ELTIS, and when I took it during the last week of the training, my score had improved by 10 points. Also, my host mother’s birthday was during that time, and my family came to visit and received many presents.

My host mother loved flowers and every Saturday she would take me on a garden tour with her friends. I lived in a place called Puyallup, and she also took me to the urban area of Seattle to see the first Starbucks. There was no parking space, so we could not do any shopping. At the final farewell party, we had an explanation of kimonos and an origami workshop. We also danced the Soran-bushi together. There was a person who could play the cello and another who could play the piano, so they performed a duet.

Then I moved to Oregon. My host family also was changed. The place where I am now in Oregon is surrounded by mountains and there are many insects, so the first three days were difficult. It took about 30 minutes by car to get to a supermarket in this town. I’ve gotten used to it now. We have a lot of animals: three dogs, a cat, eight chickens, and two frogs. The chickens are not for food, but for eggs.

The family are Christians and go to church every Sunday, so praying before meals is something I’ve never done before. Since we are in the mountains, we often see deer when we drive around. My host father is out hunting right now. When he catches a deer, he will break it down and let us eat it. Last week, he took us to a local fair. We saw live pigs, sheep, and alpacas that have won contests. We also rode an attraction. It was really scary because it was made so tightly, but we made it back alive.

Yesterday, I went to help out at the Bible Camp where my host sister and host brother were volunteering. I spent the whole day cutting watermelons and preparing meals, so I was pretty tired after just one day. In the evening, they took us to a movie. We watched a movie called Free Guy. I was happy to see how it was portrayed in Japan.

Anyhow, thanks a million for reading my exchange report in America.  It will great if you could read my next report!

私は今、アメリカでの1留学をスタートさせた E. U. です。シアトルでの事前研修レポートと1年留学の学校があるオレゴンのことについて、皆さんにレポートします。アメリカの今の様子を知っていただければうれしいです。

シアトルでの事前研修が終わり、今は、1年留学の目的地であるレゴン州、クルトンに来ています。留学事前研修中には留学⽣のみんなと仲良くなることができ、たくさんの思い出ができました。研修の最初の週にエルティスという留学⽣向けのテストを受けたのですが、それが最後の週に受けた時には 10 点スコア・アップしていました。

その間にホストマザーの誕⽣⽇があり、家族が遊びに来たりプレゼントがたくさん届いていたりしました。ホストマザーは、花が好きで毎週⼟曜⽇には友達のガーデンツアーに連れて⾏ってくれました。私はピュヤロップというところに住んでいたのですが、シアトルの都市部にも連れて⾏ってくれてスターバックスの第⼀号点を⾒てきました。駐⾞スペースがなく、買い物をすることはできませんでした。 最後のお別れ会では着物の説明を⾏なったり、折り紙体験会を⾏なったりしました。みんなでソーラン節も踊りました。チェロができる⼈とピアノができる⼈がいたのでデュエットをしてくれました。




From Victoria, Canada,

Hello, I’m M.S.  I have just kicked off my exchange program in Canada.  I have been studying in Claremont secondary school, Victoria, Canada since August 22. The school still has not started yet, so now I will be talking about my homestay life.

First, I will be talking about the city of Victoria.  That day, I went to Tim Hortons with my host father and sister for dinner. Tim Hortons is a chain store that is famous for donuts. I can choose either donuts or fried potato for a side menu, but there are many kinds of donuts, and I could not choose which would be the best to me, so I decided to eat fried potatoes. Next time, I wanted to eat donuts.

And then, I went to the downtown of Victoria. I had seen the city on a guide map once when I was in Japan, so I was really looking forward to it. I went to the British Columbia Legislature Building and Fairmont hotel, where there were many historical buildings. At night, it was lighted up and I felt like I was at Disney.  It was different between from what I see in the pictures. It was powerful and attractive. Also, I could see America from bridge. I knew that America and Victoria are close, but I was so surprised that.

Next, I will be talking about the day that I went to Vancouver with my host family.  It took me about two hours to get from Victoria to Vancouver by ferry.  We went to Chinese restaurant for lunch. After that, I went department store. In the department store, there were many famous Japanese stores such as Uniqlo, and Muji. There was another surprise here. The person who gave me the bill was a Japanese ! According to my host father, Vancouver has a large population of Asians, so much so that it is called Hongcouver.

I am really looking forward to going to school next month.  Thank you for reading my report.

こんにちは、M.S.です。 私は8/22日からカナダのビクトリアの学校に1年留学を始めました。 これから1年間の留学生活をとても楽しみにしています。私の第1回目の留学レポートでは、まだ学校が始まっていないのでホームステイ先でのことについてレポートします。

まず8月25日の出来事です。 その日は夕食にティムホートンズへ行きました。ティムホートンズは、ドーナツでとても有名なチェーン店です。サイドメニューにドーナツかポテトが選べるのですがドーナツの種類が豊富で選べずポテトにしました。次はドーナツを食べてみたいです。次にビクトリアのダウンタウンへ行きました。日本にいるとき一度ガイドマップで街並みを見ていたのでとても楽しみにしていました。ブリティッシュ・コロンビア州議事堂やフェアモントホテルなど歴史的な建造物がたくさんありました。ダウンタウンは夜になるとライトアップされまるでディズニーにいるような気分でした。写真で見るのとは違いとても迫力があり魅力的でした。また、橋からアメリカが見えました!アメリカが近いことは知っていましたがここまで近いとは…とても驚きました!

次にバンクーバーに買い物に行った日のことです。 ビクトリアからバンクーバーまでフェリーに乗って2時間ほどでつきました。その日はお昼に中華料理店に行きました。その後はデパートに行きました。そのデパートではUNIQLOや無印良品、アメリカンホリックなど日本にもある有名なお店がたくさんありました。ここでも驚くことがありました。なんとお会計をしてくれた方が日本人の方でした!お父さんによるとバンクーバーはホンクーバーといわれるほどアジア人の人口が多いようです。これが私の記念すべき第1回目の留学レポートです。

来月からは学校が始まるのでとても楽しみです。 私のレポートを最後まで読んでくださりありがとうございます。