From Canada – Updated Exchange Report on Burnaby !

From Canada – a new exchange report reached out us just now!  You can feel how amazing it is to spend summer in Canada even though it is super-hot!  Enjoy reading the report from Burnaby Mountain Secondary School there!

Hello, everyone!!! I am M.M. and an international exchange student studying at Burnaby Mountain Secondly School in BC, Canada. I hope I will be able to provide you with much information about life in Canada.

It has already been six months since I came to Canada.  Time passes quickly!  When I came to Canada, it was super cold, but it is getting hot now. It reached over 40 degree a few days ago. I thought I was going to die of heat… Even at the night, it was really hot so I couldn’t sleep. Wetted a towel with water, and wrapped around my neck to avoid this heat, I learned everything is going to be fine from this experience lol!

July…it was the month of change for me. Many Japanese friends of mine went back to Japan, even my best friend. Also, I started to go to a language school. I said “goodbye” to many people, and I met with many new people. To be honest, it was hard to say farewell to my friends. After I came to Canada, of course sometimes I was depressed and missed Japan so much.  At the time, they helped me and encouraged me. Actually, I cried out a lot on the train after I met them for the last time.  I hope they could have amazing experience in Canada.

As for the language school experience, I was really nervous before going to the language school because a language school was a different world for me at the time. However, there was nothing to worry about that. Many students were really kind and helpful.  Also, teachers were friendly and talkative lol  Along with that, I was surprised when I went to this school because there are a number of university students. I thought there are many high school students, but I really like the situation!!  What’s more, I like my classes so much.  It is “classes” for learning, but not “classes” in fact. There are many opportunities to have conversations with teachers and friends in classes.

In July, I went to many places, too. Such as blueberry picking, trampoline park, the party at the beach and IKEA. I have so many things I want to tell you guys, but I know it’s going to be super long, so I’ll tell you little bit about my life in Canada. (Please don’t say it’s already long…) Firstly, I went blueberry picking with my host family. You know I love blueberry so much. Especially I like blueberry with yogurt When we arrived to the farm of blueberry picking my host mother said “You can have all blueberries you will pick. And you can eat all of them alone”. That’s why I picked a bunch of blueberries lol.  I felt as if it was my job lol. After that, I gave blueberries to lots of my friends .

For the last, I want to talk about the current situation of COVID-19 in Canada. It’s really getting good!!!!! I am still wearing a face mask though there are many people without a face mask everywhere even on the train. Actually, I took the first vaccinated dose recently. Before I got the vaccine, I was super nervous, but I did not feel anything. I did not notice that I got a shot. It is not kidding. Seriously.  On the next day of vaccine I had a muscle pain in my arm though.

Anyway, I will keep trying hard !!! Thank you for reading my report until end. See you soon.


カナダに来てから6ヶ月がすでに経過しました。寒かったカナダも今は、スーパーに暑いです。数日前は40度を超え、死ぬかもしれないと思いました、、、夜さえもすごく暑く、眠れなかったです。タオルを水で濡らして、首に巻いて寝ました。 しかし、この経験から、全て何とかすれば、どうにかはなるということを学びました(笑)

7月、、、それは私にとって変化の月でした。親友も含めたくさんの友達が日本に帰国しました。 また語学学校も始まりました。たくさんの友達に別れを告げ、たくさんの友達に出会いました。 正直に言うと、友達に別れを告げるのは大変でした。カナダに来てから私自身、もちろん、時々気分が落ち込んだり、日本がすごく恋しくなったりしました。そんなとき、その友達たちは助けてくれたり、励ましてくれました。実は友達たちと別れたあと、電車の中で一人号泣しました。友達たちがカナダで素敵な経験をできたことを祈っています。



最後に、かなだでのコロナウイルスの状況についてお伝えします。状況はすごく良くなってきています! 私はまだマスクを着用していますが、マスクを付けてない人もいます。実は、コロナウイルスの第1回目のワクチン接種を最近、受けました。ワクチンを受ける前すごく緊張していたのですが(すごくビビりなんです、、)、何も感じませんでした。針が刺さったことにも気が付きませんでした。冗談じゃなくて本気で。ワクチンを受けた次の日、筋肉痛のような痛みが腕にありましたが。