From New Zealand – Updated Exchange Reports at NPGH and SHGC

Now two updated reports reached us from our educational partner schools in New Zealand, one of which is Sacred Heart Girls College and the other is New Plymouth Girls’ High School.  Aoi Gomihara at Sacred Heart Girls College and Hikaru Kito at New Plymouth Girls High School share both of their impressive experiences there in New Zealand.  Here we go!


Hello, everyone. I’m Aoi Gomihara, an exchange student studying at Sacred Heart Girl’s College, in New Plymouth, New Zealand.  I have been living a peaceful life recently.  I will write two things today in this report.

First, I will write about a very impressive school event.  In my school, Yea 9’s students are now taking hip hop dance classes.  A few days ago, we had an opportunity to watch their performances in the class.  I felt very refreshed with their dance because I don’t have this kind of class in Japan. Each group think about their own costume and dance formation very well, which made me very impressed.  I could enjoy it very much.

Next I will talk about my ballet school. I go to ballet class 2 times per a week. In this ballet school, I am practicing character dance not just ballet. It is the first time for me to play character dance.  I have been very happy because I can challenge myself to new things. Also, one of my ballet mates went to Canada for attending a ballet school there.  I am very sad that I can’t play dance with her. But she will come back to New Zealand in the coming December.

As I mentioned, I ’m having a great time here in New Zealand.  Thank you so much for reading my report.

皆さんこんにちは。セイクレッド・ハート・ガールズ・カレッジに留学中の五味原葵です。 最近は毎日落ち着いたゆったりとした生活を送っています。今回のレポートでは2つのことについて書こうと思います。

1つ目は学校での出来事についでです。私の学校ではYear 9(中学2年生)の生徒達がヒップホップの授業を受けています。先日、私達はそのダンスの発表を見ました。日本にはないようなイベントだったのでとても新鮮な気持ちになりました。各グループが衣装やフォーメーションなどを工夫していて、見ているだけでも、とても楽しむことができました。




Hello ,I am Hikaru Kito. I’m one of the exchange students studying abroad at New Plymouth Girls High School in New Plymouth, New Zealand.  We will have holidays after we go to school for more two weeks.  I will go to TOPEC camp on this holiday where I am planning to do a lot of activities.

In this report I write about my life at the school hostel, where I stayed about 3 weeks ago.  I spent five days at the hostel.  There were 6 students including me in one room in this hostel.  We shared the bathroom. And a small private room was available for me. The individual room had a bed and a desk.  Also, I made lunch by myself using bread and vegetables prepared before going to school.  Dinner is provided with buffet style and you can choose what you like. It was so delicious.

I had about an hour of self-study after dinner on weekdays. I was doing my homework at that time. I could lead a regular life because the timeline there was fixed.  Also, there were a trampoline and a board game.  It was good experience for me.

Another day, I made speech in front of my classmates in my English class. I talked about some trends among Japanese teenagers such as bubble tea and purikura.  I was very nervous about the speech.  Many students  knew bubble tea, but New Zealand doesn’t have many shops of them.

There is a student who runs a bubble tea shop for a business class at school, so everyone drinks bubble tea on that shop. I have also drunk bubble tea there.  My teacher looked very strange because he didn’t know bubble tea.

Thank you for reading the report.



先日、英語の授業でクラスメイトを前にしてスピーチをしました。私はタピオカやプリクラなどの日本の高校生の流行について話しました。とても緊張しました。多くのクラスメイトはタピオカを知っていましたが、日本のようにタピオカの専門店はニュージーランドにはあまりありません。 学校のビジネスの授業でタピオカのお店を出している人がいたので、多くの人はそこでタピオカを飲んでいました。私も何度かその機会にタピオカを飲みました。先生はタピオカを知らなかったので不思議そうにしていました。