From Australia – Millions of Thanks to All of St. Andrew’s Catholic College

Another final report reached us from St. Andrew’s Catholic College with millions of thanks by Kanae Okada, an exchange student in Cairns, Australia.

Hello! I’m Kanae Okada, an exchange student at St. Andrew’s Catholic College in Cairns, Australia.  In my previous report, I mentioned that this would be my last report, but I have more things to share so, I decided to write my report again!  Now here in Cairns, the hurricane is gone, and it’s been very hot every day.

In this report, I would write about an school assembly and running cross country.

Assembly is the same as a high school assembly in Otsuma Nakano. At the assembly, at first, we sing National anthem and after singing National anthem, the representative student reads something called “prayer”.  And then, the process of the assembly went on the same as our school assembly, where Principal makes speech and award giving ceremonies follow.

At the assembly on the other day, St Andrew’s Japanese teacher told us to take a seat in front of the stage because we were going to go up to the stage. The teacher didn’t tell us why we were going to be up on the stage, so I felt a little nervous.  At first, the teacher introduced about us, then she told to the senior students about the importance of study abroad and she said, “ if you have questions to them, ask them before they get back to Japan and if you meet them at school, greet them with smile.”  At last the teacher gave a present for us. I wondered what it would be!  It is a teddy bear with my home forum friends writing their names and messages. I was very happy because I had not considered that they could do such a wonderful surprise. This Teddy bear became my treasure.

Next, I would like to write about the running cross-country. In running cross-country, we ran about 3 km in the college campus.  This running was competition, but we could decide whether we would participate in or not by ourselves.  Students who did not participate in the competition could assist the water break on the way or walk through only 800m.  Also, we divided into the 4 houses and competed against each other with earning points.  The 4 houses are RED called CHISHOLM (Mar-ka), YELLOW called HOLLOWS (Bung-gan), BLUE called MACKILLOP (Buna) and GREEN called OZNAM (Dul-gu). Each of these houses have their own belief, which are ‘Commitment – Compassion – community’, ‘See – Love – Serve’, ‘Inspire – Lead – Change’ and ‘Courage to Act’. My house is OZNAM

I participated in the competition with my buddy Robyn and my friend Leyla. Even though we participated, we ran about the first 500 m and then we repeated walking and jogging. But it was very hot day, so I was sweating a lot.

We finished this running with 15th place in the competition. After that, we were waiting for the others all to finish the competition with eating ice creams that the only participants got. It was very hot, but I enjoyed this event very much!

In this study abroad, I learned many things. I was able to enjoy this opportunity to be at St Andrew’s because the teachers who helped me with this study abroad program, the friends who cheered me, and my family who gave me a valuable experience of studying abroad. And above all, thanks to the host family and my buddy who helped me in the unfamiliar environment. Thank you very much for helping me a lot!

This is my real final report. Thank you so much for reading all.




次にランニングクロスカントリーです。ランニングクロスカントリーでは学校の敷地内約3kmを走ります。でもコンペティションに参加するかどうかは自分たちで決めることができます。参加しない生徒は途中の水飲み休憩の運営の手伝いをするか、800mだけ歩くこともできます。また4つのハウスに分かれてポイントを争います。4つのハウスは赤のCHISHOLM (Mar-ka)、黄色のHOLLOWS (Bung-gan)、青のMACKILLOP (Buna)そして緑のOZNAM (Dul-gu)です。これらのハウスにはそれぞれCommitment – Compassion – Community、See – Love – Serve、Inspire – Lead – Change、Courage to Actなどといった信念が掲げられています。私のハウスは緑のOZNAMです。