From UK – Exchange Report – “Food in the UK” – Fish’n’Chips & Lasagna –

Now very interesting and informative report came to us from Canterbury, the UK.  Ayaka Sekino shared her amazing food experiences she has been having in her life in the UK.  Enjoy and I am sure that you want to try to eat “fish and chips” and “lasagna”.

Hi! I’m Ayaka Sekino, and I am an exchange student at The Archbishop’s School in the UK. Six weeks  have already passed since I came to England. Oh, actually I feel that time has passed so quickly. Today, I will talk about my meals in the UK, which will be interesting to you.

First of all,  When it comes to the food in UK, you can remind ”Fish and Chips”!!  Yes, you are right. In the UK, we have ”Fish and Chips day” on every Friday. So, every Friday, at school lunch and home dinner, we have fish and chips.  Before I came to the UK, I had thought it would be too big fish and fried potato. However, it is different from what I expected.  In fact, fish and chips served in restaurants or shops are very big fish. But the fish and chips we eat at school lunch and home dinner are not so large and easy to eat because they are cut into small pieces. Therefore, I’m so happy and excited every Friday. Actually, it tastes very delicious and it is my favourite food in England.

What’s more, I would like to introduce another famous food in the UK. It is Sunday Roast, which we eat on Sunday evening.  It is roast beef or chicken and potato, Yorkshire pudding, farce, vegetable and so on. Do you know Yorkshire pudding? I didn’t know about this. Its texture is crisp and fluffy. I had never tried Yorkshire pudding ever before. So, it is very fresh and exciting for me to try Yorkshire pudding.

Then, I will talk about my school lunch. My school has a huge dining hall and serve cooked lunch there. And we buy and eat it there. Of course, we can bring lunch myself. I always buy lunch at school. The lunch is super very delicious. It has a lot of menu like pizza, curry, pancake, lasagna and so on. There are more vegetarian food, because there are many vegetarian in the UK. My most favourite lunch is lasagna. I have cooked lasagna myself before. However, the school lasagna is not compared with mine.

So far, I have been enjoyed talking about food in the UK happily. But actually, I am a picky eater myself. I do not like a lot of kind of food. As a matter of food, I hate egg, milk, chicken and pork. What I was worried most about having this exchange abroad was meals. But when I came to the UK, I tried chicken and pork and so on. I couldn’t eat pork and chicken absolutely, but now I can eat it. If you have hated food, why don’t you give it a try to eat it.  I believe you will find yourself to be another person.

Finally, Thank-you for reading my report. Then, I will write about my school classes next report.  So, I hope you will enjoy reading my next report.

みなさんこんにちは! イギリスのカンタベリーに留学している関野彩花です。レポートも3回目になります。なんとかこちらの生活に慣れて落ち着いてきたところです。そして、今回はイギリスでの食事についてお話ししたいと思います。

まず、ご存知だと思いますが、イギリスと言えばフィッシュアンドチップスですね!イギリスでは毎週金曜日は”fish and chips day”と決まっていて、学校のランチも家のディナーも必ずフィッシュアンドチップスがでます。


もう1つ有名なもので、日曜日のディナーは決まって”Sunday roast”と言うイギリスの伝統的な家庭料理がでます。これはローストした肉、ジャガイモに、ヨークシャー・プディング、ファルス、野菜などからなります。