From Australia – Update on exchange report from St. Andrew’s Catholic College

An exchange student at our sister school, St. Andrew’s Catholic College, updates her report about the life there in beautiful Northern Queensland and her recent college life.  Please take a read it.

Good day mate!  I am Fuka Ejiri, an exchange student at St. Andrew’s Catholic College in Cairns, Australia. Now it’s been 5 weeks since I came here, and it is surprising that there are only half ( 5 more weeks) left for my stay here…Times flies so fast!! In this report, I would like to talk about my last weekend and my update on my school life.

On Saturday, I went to Kuranda with my host family and Kanae. Kuranda is a very famous tourist spot for its markets and the rainforests. It was actually my second time to visit, but I enjoyed this visit very much. First, Kanae and I took the Kuranda Scenic Railway, which is a railroad train that takes you about 90 minutes to Kuranda from Freshwater station, where we got on the train.  Even though this was quite a long train trip, I enjoyed it very much because we listened to the guides and also it was such good weather. In fact, the view from the train was beautiful and I was amazed of the waterfall! Here are some photos.

After the train ride, when we arrived in Kuranda, the station was familiar to me.  So, I easily remembered the way to the markets and where we were supposed to meet my host family driving to Kuranda.  After meeting with my host family, me, Kanae and my two host sisters Erin and Caelin went to Kuranda Bird World and Koala Gardens. At the Bird World, I saw many different kinds of birds such as parrots, lorikeet, cockatoo, and my most favourite, the cassowary. We each got a bag of seeds and vegetables such as corn and fed them. The birds came by when I put the food on my hand, and they stopped on my shoulders.  At first, I was scared of birds because I thought they might bite, but they didn’t hurt me at all.  I heard that the bird species cassowaries inhabit only here in Australia and it is very rare. After that, I went to The Koala Gardens. It was not a big zoo compared to Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, but I still enjoyed it a lot. In the zoo, of course there were koalas, wallabies, kangaroos, snakes, frogs, lizards, and wombats.

After that, I went to have lunch at a restaurant close by where I ate a hamburger and also had a milkshake. As expected, the milkshake was in a large sized, but I managed to drink all of it because it was so delicious!! After lunch, my host dad told us we should have our own time to look through the markets and do shopping, so Kanae and I enjoyed it.  At the market, there were many choices of stores, but I was able to buy good souvenirs for my family and friends. After spending a pleasant afternoon shopping, we went on the skyrail to get back. Compared to the train, the skyrail goes very fast and it only takes about half time as much as the train. After getting off the skyrail , I went to Kanae’s house and we had dinner together. I am very grateful to my host family that I get to enjoy every weekend!

Next, I would like to talk a little bit about my school life. Every Wednesdays, I have Zumba classes for 2 periods in the afternoon.  Let me explain Zumba.  It is an aerobatic fitness featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dances.  After Zumba classes, I always get really sweaty, but since I love dancing to the music and it is great exercise, I enjoy it a lot.

Also, let me talk about other classes. Right now, in many of the classes such as science, religion, maths, and visual art, I have assignments. Since they are all individual task, I sometimes ask my buddy, Emily or the teacher when I don’t know what I am supposed to do. Especially as for religion class, since I am non-religious, I sometimes have difficulties understanding what we learn. My favourite class is “film, television and new media class”. In this class, we learn about horror films. Recently in class, I watched JAWS and right now I am watching a film called The Sixth Sense. The teacher told me that we will continue watching 3 more horror films and after watching them, we have to choose one to write for the exam.  Fortunately, I have been able to watch the films without getting scared and creeping out!

This is it for this report. Thank you so much for reading! I hope to see you in the next report!


私は先週の土曜日、ホストファミリーと岡田さんとKurandaに行ってきました。Kurandaはマーケットや雨林で有名な観光名所です。去年の短期留学でも実はいったことがあり、二回目でしたがすごく楽しめました。まず私と岡田さんで Kuranda Scenic Railroadという電車に乗ってFreshwater stationという駅から約90分でKurandaの駅まで行きました。その写真を何枚か貼り付けしました。電車の乗車時間はやや長かったけど、車内で流れていたガイドを聞いたり、晴れていたので滝など景色がすごく綺麗でした。電車を降りてKuranda 駅に着いた時、見覚えのある景色だったので、あまり迷わずにKurandaまで車でドライブしてきたホストファミリーとの待ち合わせ場所に行くことができました。合流したあと、私は岡田さんとホストシスターのErinとCaelin と一緒にBird World(鳥の動物園)と Koala Garden(動物園)に行きました。前に行ったことのあるHartleys Crocodiles Adventuresという動物園に比べたら小さかったけど、珍しい動物と出会えたので満足です!

Bird World では、インコやオウム、そして私が一番気に入っているヒクイドリなど色々な鳥種がいて興味深かったです。袋に入った野菜や小さな種などを餌としてあげてその時に肩や背中に鳥が止まってきました。最初私は鳥にかまれたら痛いと思っていて、怖かったけど、まったくそんなことなくくすぐったかったです。後から聞いた話ですが私が一番気に入ったヒクイドリはここオーストラリアにしか生息してないため、レアな鳥だそうです。続いて Koala Gardens では、名前の通りもちろんコアラやワラビー、カンガルー、蛇、トカゲ、カエル、ウォンバットなどの動物がいました。ワラビーとカンガルーの違いはやはり大きさではないかと思います。



理科や数学、美術、宗教の授業で今、assignment(課題)が出されています。その課題はすべて個人作業なので、何かわからないときはバディのEmilyや担当の先生に聞いたりしています。特に宗教の授業で、私は無宗教であるため授業についていけないことが多くて大変です。中でも一番好きな科目はfilm TV and new mediaです。この授業では現在ホラー映画について習っています。そのため授業内でホラー映画を観ていて、今のところJAWSを観終わってThe Sixth Senseを観ています。先生によると、まだあと3つの映画を観て、そのあと自分の好きな映画を一つ選び試験でそれについて出題するそうです。ホラー映画は苦手なのですが、今のところ怖がらずに観ています(笑)