From the UK – Exchange Report on London and Canterbury

From Canterbury, the UK, a new report reached us, which is by Ayaka Sekino, an exchange student studying at The Archbishop’s School, telling her impressive story about experiences in London and a language school there.

Hello, everyone! I’m Ayaka Sekino, and I am an exchange student at The Archbishop’s School in Canterbury, the UK.  Now one month has already passed after I came to England.

Today, I will write about my recent days studying at the Concorde International School. This school is a language school, where many foreign students come to this school to study English from all over the world.  In fact, usually I go to The Archbishop’s School, which is a local secondary school same as Otsuma Nakano. But during this week, the school is now at ”half term’”, which means that it is a week vacation. So, I joined this language school for improving my English skills.

The first day of the school, we did not have classes.  The program on the day was to go to London!!  So I went to London with French students group.  It took us an hour to go to London by train. When I was on the train to London, I met with Japanese exchange students from Kyoto and Hiroshima. We were talking about our lives at studying in the UK and differences between Kansai and Kanto areas. It was very interesting talking because I didn’t know about Kansai very much although Kyoto is my favorite place.

After that, we arrived at London.  As soon as I arrived there, I was very surprised and impressed with everything in London.  Every building has perfect structure.  Then, we went to the British Museum. It is the most famous museum in the UK.

Next, we went to National Gallery, where I was very much surprised, because there is an exhibition of  the picture ”Himawari, Sun Flower” by Vincent van Gogh.  I have been interested it. So I was very happy to see the real picture of “Sun Flower” by van Gogh, which was very precious experience. After that, we went to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye and so on.  This tour was really exciting and impressive, but I was very tired because we were always walking and we didn’t have long break time.  London has a lot of famous places. So, I think it was not good to visit a lot of places in a day.

On the second day, I took a small exam of checking my English level.  It was a text about speaking, writing and reading skills.  Before taking the test, I was a little bit worried about it, because I was wondering if I could not pass the exam due to that it would be so difficult.  But it was easy for me. So, I was able to pass the exam.

On the third day, the English classes started. I took classes with French and Italian students. When I went to the school, there were only four Japanese.  So, my classmate were all French and Italian. Actually, word pronunciation of French and Italian language is quite different from that of English. So, I could not understand what they said.  Therefore, we could not keep on discussion with each other. But I gave it a try to keep on talking with them. Then, I got to understand what they said.  So, I could talk with them smoothly and became friends each other.

Next week regular classes would start at The Archbishop’s School.  Therefore, I want to make use of the experience in the language school and make an effort to speak English much better than I am now.

Finally, I would like to thank you for reading. My report is not very good, buI I hope you will enjoy reading my next report.