From Australia – Exchange at St Andrew’s Catholic College Started!

From Australia – St. Andrew’s Catholic College

Now, our new special exchange program started in Australia.  Fuka Ejiri and Kane Okada, senior first graders of Otsuma Nakano, have kicked off their study abroad program for one term long at St. Andrew’s Catholic College in Australia, a sister school of Otsuma Nakano.

St. Andrew’s and Otsuma Nakano began special exchange programs in 2008.  Since then, the friendship and relationship between both schools have been developing so far, which has also given many students from both schools outstanding occasions to learn cultural diversity and first-hand intercultural communication.

From now on, Fuka and Kanae are making their great journey and exploration of learning multi-cultural understanding, cross cultural communication skills as well as improving their English language proficiency, which will allow them to find their potential power and themselves.

On this page of Otsuma Nakano website, we are very happy and proud to share their updated study report on their lives at St. Andrew’s Catholic College.   We hope you can imagine you are also making journey together with them in Australia.

Now the following is Fuka’s report !

Hello everyone!!  How are you there? I’m Fuka Ejiri, one of the exchange students here being immersed in the community of St Andrews Catholic College, Cairns, Australia.

Today. I would like to share some of the experiences I’m having here in Cairns for the past 4 days.

For the first thing, I’ve arrived here in Cairns on the 27th of January and this is my second time to visit here since I came here for the two-week short exchange program in July and August last year. I was very nervous to meet my host family, where they have two adorable younger host sisters Erin and Caelin.  They are 8 and 9 years old respectively. They are always hyper and filled with energy!! My host mother is Chinese and host father is Australian, so the sisters are half!! Also, there are two cats and a big dog Max, which is a six-month old German Shepard.

Here are my host sisters and a photo of the backyard of the house I’m staying in. The house I’m staying in really spacious, and there is a boat deck in the backyard and my host father told me that we could sail up to The Great Barrier Reef in 3 hours, so I’m hoping to visit there soon!!

Next, I would like to talk about my school life so far.  This is my time table for school.

The 29th, Jan. was the first day of school for the students and the start of the school year here and is very different compared to schools in Japan, where a school year starts from April every year.

I got to borrow St. Andrew’s college uniforms, so I felt a little special and absolutely loving it!!

I met with my school buddy Emily, who is in year 10 because I dropped a grade here in St. Andrew’s. The subjects my buddy takes are quite interesting.  I thought that the level would be too high but fortunately, I was able to understand most of the classes.

Anyhow, this is my life now here in Cairns. It is very rainy and humid anywhere in Cairns. I guess that it should be very chilly in Tokyo, so please take care of yourself!!

Thank you so much for reading my report today and I hope to see you in my next report☺︎