From Canada – New Report from Burnaby South Secondary School

Now another happy Christmas report arrived here to us to share her great experiences with you from Burnaby, Canada.  Yuki Kubo, a 10th grader student, is now enrolling at Burnaby South Secondary School for one-year exchange program.

Hello, there!  I am Yui Kubo, a 10th grader of Otsuma Nakano.  I am now studying at Burnaby South Secondary School as an international exchange student for one year.  Three months have passed since I came here in Canada.  It is getting colder and colder these days, so we can see frost on my way to go to school.  Now I am happy that I will let you know about Rocky Mountain tour, Remembrance Day and Christmas parade in this report.

For the first thing, there are a lot of tours for international students in Canada. For example, ski tours and Yukon tours.  These tours change depending on the seasons.  In October, I joined Rocky Mountain tour.  As for this tour to Rocky mountain, I would like to share with you the following two things, which impressed me the most. First, I went up to the top of the mountain by gondola.  We went to Banff, which is very cold place, so the top of the mountain was much colder.  So, it was snowing there!  And also, I was amazed that the view from the top of the mountain was very beautiful.  Second, we had a campfire.  The participants in this tour were international students from all over the world, so I could talk with many people from different countries. We enjoyed singing and dancing for four hours with us all. That’s quite a great experience for me.

Secondly, I will introduce about Remembrance Day.  It is a memorial day to remember the members of Forces and Navy who have died since the World War I.  And also, on the day, we must pray for Navy and Air forces. In my school, we have a special concert in classes.  As I have a choir class, we showed our choir performance for the day.  Not only our choir, other students also played instrumental tunes and others did their drama performance.  From these activities on the day, I could learn how important peace is.

Lastly, I will tell you about Christmas parade. Last week, I went to the downtown of Vancouver with my friends.  On the previous day, my host family had told me about Christmas parade in Vancouver.  It is a big event of the year, so we decided to see Christmas parade there, though we had not planned to do that.  I think Christmas events in almost all of foreign countries are much bigger than Japanese events.  We were super happy to see it because we could get a present from Santa Claus, enjoying such a beautiful illumination, which was one of my greatest experiences I had had here.

From now on, I would like to have much more various experiences and learn a lot of things during my stay in Canada.  Thank you so much for reading my report.

こんにちは!カナダのバーナビーサウス高校に留学中の高校1年のゆいです。 私たちがカナダに来てもう3か月経ちました。こちらはとても寒くなってきていて、登校中に霜が見られます。 このレポートでは、私からロッキーマウンテンツアーのこと、リメンバランスデイ、クリスマスパレードのことについてお話しさせていただきます。