From New Zealand – A New Report from New Plymouth Girls’ High School

A new report from Arisa Odagiri, an exchange student who is studying at New Plymouth Girls High School in New Zealand.  This very informative report tells you what is going on about me these days.  It’s great to share her updated report with you all.

Hi everyone! I’m Arisa Odagiri. I’m an exchange student in New Zealand. I have been staying in NZ for 6 months. Recently it is getting warm and warm, but it is still a bit cold at night.  I can feel that summer is getting closer gradually. I have done a lot of things with my friends or my host family in this term.  So, I have many things to write about since term 4 began.

For the first thing, I practiced camping in my house garden. I will go to the Raglan beach on the upcoming Christmas holiday, so I made practice to check if I could sleep well in the camping tent.  I have never had a sleepover in a tent, so I really enjoyed it.

For the next, I cooked in a class of Food and Nutrition.  It was unusual because we made our own choice of what to cook.  My group made Halloween food, brownie and pasta. It was very interesting because we have never purchased ingredients or thought about what to cook by ourselves. I had to bring butter to the class, so I went to the supermarket and bought the same butter, but I was wondering why the smaller pack was more expensive than the same weight one of normal size.  My English teacher said it was economic.

My friend’s birthday was in October, so I went to her surprise party with other friends for her. First, I went to the tea house and met with my friends. I participate in the tea ceremony for about an hour. My feet were very sore because it’s been a while for me to sit in Japanese style.  Second, we went to Sushi Ninja.  It has also been a while to eat Japanese food. This day I met a lot of Japanese people, so I was surprised that many Japanese are living in NZ. This surprise party was so much fun.

I went to a Halloween party twice. The first one was the party with my Japanese friends and the second one was other friends.  We held the first party on a day that was not Halloween day, so I was very embarrassed to be seen from people around.  I was bit surprised because my host mother said they would not to have Halloween so much. I thought everyone did this. I was embarrassed but I’m glad I could make good memories.

I went to see my host mother’s dance performance. This dance was ballet dance. It was a very interesting world as it was the world I’ve never seen before.

The students from year 11 to year 13 don’t have classes at school currently because they have very important exams, but I do not have to take exams, so now I go to the school on mornings to do some studies.  I would like to try hard to make use of my time effectively.

Thank you for reading my report!


まず、家の庭でキャンプの練習をしました。クリスマスホリデーの時にRaglan beachに行ってキャンプをする予定なので、しっかりと寝れるか試すためにやりました。私はテントで寝たことがなかったのでとても楽しかったです。

次に、food and nutritionというクラスで調理実習をしました。自分たちで考えたメニューを作りました。私たちのグループはハロウィンをイメージしてブラウニーとパスタを作りました。日本では予め決められたものを料理で作るのですが、こちらでは自分たちで作るものまで考えます。今まで自分で考えたメニューを作ったり、材料を自分で買いに行くことがなかったのでとても面白かったです。私はバターを持って来なければいけなかったので買いに行いきましたが、なぜ小さいバターの方が大きいバターより高いのかが気になりました。私の英語の先生がそれは経済だと言っていました。




Year 11からyear13までの生徒はとても大切なテストがあるためもう授業がありません。私はテストがないので朝から昼まで学校で勉強をしています。空いた時間も有効に使って頑張っていきたいと思います。