From New Zealand – Exchange Report from Sacred Heart Girls’ College

An updated report reached us from Yuki Fushida, a one-year exchange student at Sacred Heart Girls’ College. This report looks very informative, impressive and insightful for us all, which tells us what would be the meaning of “cultural exchanges”, “going global,” and how we can get over cultural gaps when communicating.

Kia ora! I’m Yuki Fushida, an exchange international student at Sacred Heart Girls College in New Zealand.  About 6 months have passed since I came here.  Recently he daylight hours are getting longer in New Zealand.  So, we are able to stay outside and go to beach until 19:30 or 20:00 right now.  In this report, I’m going to write about year 10’s classes, what I am worried about and about what I am wondering about.

I’m joining year 10 classes in this term because year 11 is going to take exams.   Year 10 students are very active, so I was worried whether I could be able to make friends with them.  Luckily, the students are so kind and friendly. Then I got some friends. I also got a buddy, but she usually doesn’t stick with me, so I’m trying to be with other girls. When I first started to be with year 10 students, I was very confused and there was something that made me sad. But now, I think it was a good ordeal for me.

There are a lot of classes where I have to make something in year 10. For example, I’m making a poster about a book I read in my English class. Also, I’m making a dress by using other clothes in my home economics class, writing an essay and a PowerPoint about biology in my science class and making a cuisine with my friends in my food class.  All of them are not difficult to do. But it is fulfilling to create something with the help of friends and teachers, which is the motivation for me to study here.

There is something that has been bothering me.  How can I express my personality to my friends who are participating in exchange programs in Canada or America for study abroad?  There are not a lot of exchange students in my school in New Zealand. There are some Chinese girls, but they are not friendly, so I don’t have any chance which makes me feel going global.  My friends who are studying in Canada are taking classes with Chinese girls, German girls, and French girls.  That looks so fun!

However, during the upcoming summer vacation, I will join a tour to the South Island with many exchange students around New Zealand.  This is a great chance for me to put my English ability and my global sense into practice.  I am looking forward to that.  I have been thinking about what I can do in New Zealand.  I think that it should be my chance to see and understand Kiwi culture, language, and nature with my own eyes.

Next, I’m going to write about the kiwi English pronunciation and accent. All almost all kiwi pronoun E as “I”.  For example, in America, people read Netflix” as “Netflix”.  But in New Zealand, people read it like “Nitflix”.  I asked my host mother about that, but when I was talking about that, probably she was not happy with it.   I gave up asking her about it.  Also, in my lunchtime, I was talking about it to my 11 friends. But one of the friends said, “I don’t like this topic”.   So, I thought some kiwis don’t like talking about this topic. I’m still not sure of it. I’m going to ask to my international teacher.

I had a fever.  My body temperature went up to 38.2℃.  The next day, my body temperature was 37℃, but I was still not feeling well, so I was trying to explain to my host mother, “ My average body temperature is 36.0”.  She didn’t trust me, because she was a nurse.  Then I searched about that and sent a picture of it to her. Then she told me “You are still challenging me, it’s disappointing”.  After that, my body temperature was 36.0. So, I went to school before lunch. I told my international teacher about my host mother.  My teacher answered to me, “It must be similar to cultural differences, you can never completely understand what other people are thinking.  This is one of the things you will learn here.”

“Why did I come here?”  I wanted to be stronger, and I wanted to learn about cultural differences.  I shouldn’t say any complaints.  If I would be in the situation like this, I should say “It must be a chance for to learn important things!”  I will try hard to do anything, so that I can talk with my friends and host family a lot.

こんにちは、セイクレッド・ガールズ・カレッジに留学中の伏田有希です。私がここに来てから約6ヶ月経とうとしています。 今、ニュージーランドは日が長く19時半頃まで外で遊んだり、ビーチに行くことができます。

このレポートでは私が参加しているyear 10の授業について、そして、今私が悩んでいることについて、疑問に思っていることなどについて、書こうと思います。

私はこの学期はyear 10に参加しています。year 10の生徒たちといえばとても活発で道端ででんぐり返しでもしてそうなイメージがあるので、輪に入れるかとても不安でした。しかし、実際は、予想外にとても親切で友達も沢山作ることができました。