From New Zealand_A new report on Sacred Heart Girls’ College_180619

An up-to-date report from Yuki Fushida, an exchange student studying at Sacred Heart Girls’ College reached us with very informative insights into Kiwi life.


Kia ora!  I’m Yuki Fushida from Sacred Girls College.  One month has passed since I came to New Zealand.  Recently, I’m getting used to the life here, so I can get to concentrate on many things and I am enough confident to be able to study various things.


In these days, the wind has been strong. In my home where I stay, sometimes the power has been outage in the morning.


June 4th was a national holiday due to the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.  I will write about some events I took part in on the holiday.  I spent the holiday this year in the house with my host family.  They were very tender and totally treated me like a daughter.  My host sister was very funny and always made me laugh. They praised me with my command of English so I was really glad.  I went to the house, PUKEKURA PARK, pool, a movie theater and my host family’s relatives house. In addition, I watched a movie every night. I was able to spend a very satisfying and enjoyable holiday with them.


However, when the holiday was over, an accident happened to my ankle. My ankle got red and swollen and I felt something like a blister on my ankle, which made me feel hard to walk.  I troubled my host family, Ms. Teffrey, my parents and Kiwi friends.  There was the choir’s performance on the day, but I couldn’t join them.  I made a call to an insurance company by myself and I was really uneasy, but I got recovered and I am now fine.


These two weeks were very tough and challenging to me, but I began certain things recently.  I mean that I am now practicing my English pronunciation and I will not speak Japanese with my friends.  My host father reads some English text books and then I repeat it following his reading.  I am very keen to continue it from now on.  It is so difficult for me not to speak Japanese.  But I feel that my English has been making progress little by little and step by step.  I was determined by myself to make my studying abroad more meaning ful and fulfilling.


One of the photographs shows my friends with posing which I asked to do because I advised them that this photo showing all of you would not be put on our school website unless the faces are on the photo.   The other was taken by my host mother when I made a big tower with my host sister in Lego.


Thank you for reading.