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Sometimes living abroad would be hard and tough, which would make you feel depressed and uncomfortable.  However, these kinds of experiences surely will make people more mature and help a person become all he/she can be.  Wako Miyazawa, a one year long exchange student, who is studying at New Plymouth Girls' High School in New Zealand, is asking you what you think of such a tough experience in her recent report.  
Hello everyone. I’m Wako. Almost one month had passed since term one students arrived here and they seem more relaxed now.
By the way, I was considering to share my experience about this with you and I was thinking about it for about three months. What made me decide?  Well, it happened almost 3 months ago and now I am able to talk about it because I think it was a rare experience for me. It was a little shocking for me at first, but it was a good lesson for me to learn about “people saying bad about others” and what they actually think and why they behave like this.  Unfortunately, we have to keep in mind that there may be only but a few people who speaks ill of others, not all. I hope that you feel something when you finish reading my report.
In the middle of December, I joined a group trip to Raglan. We only stayed there for 2 nights, but this trip was for a little bit younger students. This is the story of my experience during that trip. On the second night, our dinner was fish and chips and we had to share with two people, otherwise it would be too much for just one girl. But I was late for the dinner time, I had to share my fish and chips with a girl that I didn’t know. When we were about to eat, the girl seemed so confused and irritated, so I wondered to myself. I thought the thing that made her confused or irritated is because I didn’t introduce myself first. So I quickly told her my basic personal information because I was starving. But still she looked the same. And then she suddenly stood up and started walking to her friend’s group. And then one minute later, they started to say unconfortable words to me. 
I was of course shocked and after a few days, I started to doubt people around me although I knew that it is not a good thing to do. I felt so scared when meeting new people and I was concerned about what they actually thought when they first met me. But because of this experience I realized that I have to be much stronger than I used to be. If I don’t say anything, they will think that I am too weak enough to continue. And also if I became scared of meeting people and not believing them, they would continue to speak ill of others.  I don’t want to doubt my lovely international friends and feel sad. 
Two days later, I was in similar situation in the trip.  It was much easier for me to just walk away and cry but I knew that it is not the best decision in this situation so I just told them. I think if I was in similar situation like this in 9 month ago, I am sure that I couldn’t stand up so easily and able to talk back to them. Although this experience wasn’t a fantastic experience to have and still it remands me sometimes, I assume that no matter where you go, there are some who always say bad about anything to others.  So, I believe that the most important thing is to stand up and if you think your thought is right, you should stand up, I think. I hope my kohai will not have these similar experiences like me but when they do, I want them to say something back.
10 months have passed already and I can feel that I have to go back to Japan soon. Every time thinking about this I feel my mixed feeling. I am very sad because it means I have to say good bye to many people. But I am a little excited too because I can see my family, friends, teachers and all of the important people that are in Japan.
And this month, my Dad came to visit me for one week, he stayed in New Plymouth for three days and he stayed in Auckland for four days. It was very emotional to meet my dad because I didn’t see him at the time I said good bye at the Narita airport. 
So it was almost… 10 months! Teff and my host mom took us to many places and showed him around New Plymouth. I was like an interpreter, I translated English to Japanese, Japanese to English. We went to Auckland together too and we had so much fun, but… especially for me, it was very tiring because nowadays I am quite used to New Plymouth and I felt a little wired. All the buildings were tall, lots of people in town and it is not the place that we know, so we had to walk the long distance to get to the shop that we want. By the time that when we were waiting for my plane, my dad said to me that my English improved. I thought that too, but this is still not the level that I wanted by the end of this exchange. I believe that there are lots of things to do and experience.
Thank you for reading my report, I hope you enjoyed it and see you at next report!!
みなさん、こんにちは。和子です。 1学期の学生がここに到着してから約1ヶ月が経過し、現在は、よりリラックスした雰囲気に感じられます。
12月中旬、私は2泊のレグランへの旅行に参加しました。これはその旅行中の私の経験の話です。 2日目の夜、私たちのディナーはフィッシュ&チップスでこれは2人で分け合って食べるものでした。この日は私は夕食時に遅れてしまったため、私は見知らぬ生徒の席の隣に座り、食べようとした時、その隣の女の子はとても混乱したように見えたので私も彼女の様子を見て少し戸惑いましたが、それはもしかしたら私が最初に自分自身を紹介しなかったので苛立たせたりしているのかなと考え、私はすぐに簡単な自己紹介を彼女にしました。しかし、それでも彼女の様子は変わらず、そして終いには立ち上がって、彼女の友人のいるテーブルに行ってしまいました。そしてその後、彼らは、私に嫌な言葉を言ってきたのです。私はもちろんショックでした。その後数日間、私は新しい人々と会うのがとても怖いと感るようになってしまいました。初めて会ったときに彼らが実際に私に対してどう考えているのかを心配するようになってしまったのです。しかし、この経験のために私は以前よりもはるかに強くなければならないことに気付きました。私が何も言わないと私は弱いと思って、彼らもそうし続けてしまうかもしれない。私は私の大好きな友達を疑ったりはしたくありませんでした。