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A new report from an exchange student, Mizuki Motoue, who is currently joining New Plymouth Girls' High School, has arrived to us.  It's super to share it with you all.
Time goes fast! Two weeks have passed since I came to New Zealand. I couldn't go to a lot of places because it was just two weeks but now I can go to more places such as Auckland, Waitara. I would like to report about New Zealand and Maori things.
At the second night whenI was here, I visited Pukekura park to see the festival of light. Pukekura park is a huge park and it has a bridge, lakes, trees and so on. Various places were decorated with light and were very beautiful. I had visited there two years ago but its visit had been in winter and at noon with the same host family. At the time they said "We don't have the festival now but if you come here in summer, you can see the beautiful light festival !" So I have been really looking forward to seeing the festival and I had a great time!
I went to Waitara to make a traditional Maori bag. Karen, a flax weaving teacher, harvests (picks/cuts) the flax (Harakeke) and dyes it. At the class she showed me how to weave it and helped me to make a traditional Maori bag called a Konae. Konae is similar to a Kete, which is a bigger bag. Konae has two corners but Kete has four corners and more like the bottom of a box.
Waitangi Day is the national day of New Zealand, and commemorates the signing, on 6 February 1840, of the Treaty of Waitangi. I had four holidays , weekend and two holidays. I went to Auckland in the holidays by car. I had about five hours to go there, ate fish and chips and a whitebait fritter for dinner at Mokau.  Auckland is the biggest city and has the biggest population in New Zealand. 
On the first day of visiting Auckland, we went to War Memorial museum to look Maori culture (whare(house) and waka (canoe)) . After look museum, we went to an outlet shopping centre and I ate sushi for lunch. It was nice, in avocado and salmon. There was a sushi sandwich too but I couldn't eat. After I bought many clothes, we went to One Tree Hill. It is a very important place in Auckland for Maori and other New Zealanders. It used to be a Maori pā site (fort) in the 1700’s.
On the second day, I got on a bus to go to Ponsonby which is a small suburb that has some shops. I went to Japanese restaurant and ate Unagi don, It was nice.
We got back home once and we went to Mission Bay Reserve, which is a beach that has the view of Rangitoto Island. It is a volcano. On the way, I looked Auckland Habour Bridge. 
February 6th, we went home. I was a little tired but it was still fun!!
I definitely appreciate your reading my report.  See you again!!



次の日の午前、私達はバスに乗りショッピングに行きました。バスは日本とあまり変わりませんでしたが全員降りる時にThank Youと言って降りるので日本ではなかなか見ないと思い、感動しました。