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It is great for us to introduce the latest report from Wako Miyazawa, a 10th grader of Otsuma Nakano High School, who is now studying overseas in New Zealand for one year exchange program.    We surely hope all of you can share her wonderful happy holiday note from the hot summer country.  Here we go:


Hello everyone!!  I’m Wako. It’s been nearly 1 month since I updated my report, but I feel as if only 1 week had passed since then!!   


We had the senior graduate ceremony on November 4th and it was very different from Japanese graduate ceremony. For example, in Japan, I think most of our teachers wear the clothes called “suits” but here all of the teachers were wearing the special cloak. One of my friends explained to me that during the old days, the cloak was one of the symbol of rich. And nowadays it changed to the suitable way to wear in such an important event.  We sang three songs, and it included one of my favorite song called “Wherever I go”. This is one of my favorite English song because when I listen to the song, it brings back old memories and I feel like I have to move on.  This shows exactly How I would feel when I have to say good-bye to someone.


By the way, we are doing lots of fun things in ELA.  All the senior girls except international students who stays here for 1 year or shorter than that have to do the test called NCEA. But I have been staying here for 1 year, so instead of taking NCEA, I have been having ELA class in the morning. In ELA, we are making photo album on our laptop computer. First we made our plan of making it and I decided to make my 1 year exchange album.  And one of my best friend, Wanda, with who I went to south island the other day, is making the 1 year exchange album too.  We are talking all the time while making the album. It is so fun because we are talking about many things in English. 


After the ELA class, I have no plans, so I usually go to town or ride my bike. And about 2 weeks ago, I went to cinema with Wanda to watch the movie called “The murder on the orient express”. I had read the book before in Japanese, so it was easy to understand. This book was written by Agatha Christie and this is the best mystery novel ever I suppose.


2 weeks ago, my host dad and I went to a rugby game. Before the day when we went, my host mom asked me whether  I am interested in rugby. And then she said, “Would you like to go and watch a rugby game tomorrow?” I knew the most of the rules and I was interested, so I was very excited to go. As the result, the team that we supported called Taranaki lost the game. It was a bit disappointing because it was a close game, but finally we lost at the end of the game. And it was held in New Plymouth where I live, so not only us but there were many disappointed people. But it was a good experience for me because even in Japan, I had never been to a sport game before, so I didn’t know what it is like. There were lots of hot Taranaki fans and they were shouting all the time during the game. The person next to me was one of the hot Taranaki fan and he seems to be so quite and my host dad said to me that I was lucky because he doesn’t look like such a crazy shouting guy. But as soon as the game starts, he stood and began to shout. And at the end, as you can imagine, he was very upset and disappointed. 


On this Monday, I went to Merrilands primary school to teach Japanese. It was close from my home, so I walked there. I went to 6 different classes and at first,  I was nervous. However, they were very friendly and listening to me, so I was able to make some friends there. Some of them showed me around the school in lunch time. When I finished talking about Japan, lots of the students asked me many types of questions. One of the girls said she cannot believe that we have Christmas in winter in Japan. So, I said to her that I cannot believe that I am going to have Christmas in summer.


I am having wonderful time here. Thank you for all of you who read this report, hope you enjoyed it!!




11/4は、学校の卒業式がありましたが、日本のものとの違いを大きく感じました。例えば、殆どの日本の先生は、こんな日にはスーツを着ると思いますが、ここニュージーランドでは、特別なマントを羽織っていました。友達曰く、昔、マントは、お金持ちの象徴だったそうです。そこから、現在では、大事なイベントの日には、人々はこれを着ることが好ましいという風になったとのことです。 私たちは、この日、3曲の歌を歌いました。そのうちの1曲は、私が英語の歌でもっとも好きな曲である、『wherever I go』も含まれていました。この歌を聴く時は、私は懐かしい気持ちになり、そして頑張って前を向いて進もう!という気持ちになります。それと同時に、この歌は、私にさようならを言う日を想像させます。。。










私はここで充実した素晴らしい時間を過ごしています。  レポートを読んでくださった皆さま、ありがとうございます。