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Now the exchange program currently going on in Cairns, Australia is getting close to the end. Anna Nakayama, who is one of the exchange students studying at St. Andrew’s Catholic College, updates her report on her outstanding Aussie life with excitement and slight sadness.  


Hello!! This is Anna Nakayama from Cairns, Australia. Two months have passed since I came here.  My Australian life is awesome and pretty fun!!  Every day I lead a full life. And also, the weather is pretty nice every day.  I can’t believe that I have only two weeks to stay in Australia.


Now I’ll update to you my lovely Australian life!!


St. Andrew’s is Catholic college, so last Friday we attended high Mass, which is one of the Catholic rituals. We said Masses. We sang fantastic catholic songs and I shook hands with many friends and said, “Peace of you”, which was a definitely fantastic ritual. I felt the bonds of our friendship. And then the teachers blessed us. It was my valuable time!!


Sometimes I’m learning French at school, which is pretty fun.  Thanks to this Frenc class, I came to be able to greetings in French. Also, we learned French culture, which was interesting.


In my hospitality class, we stuffed the whole big chicken.  So I was surprised at that.And I was little scared of the chicken. We could take off the chicken to home.  I ate it with my host family.  It was a very good chicken!!  And we also cooked a cake and coffee for homeless people, which was a kind of volunteer activity.  I think this activity is so great that I was happy that I could joined that activity!! 


On this Friday, I had a home form party at school!!! It was pretty fun!! Everyone brought many kinds of food. And then, we ate a pizza and cake and many snacks!  We listened to music and talked a lot!! It was awesome!!!!


Last Sunday, we went to Green Island with my host family and Kanna!!!  In Great barrier leaf, the water colors were emerald green. We did snorkeling and we got on a grass bottom boat. We saw many lovely fish and turtle. And then I touched a turtle. We swam together with fish and turtles. It was amazing and awesome. The ocean stretched as far as the eye could see. It was a fantastic place. I want to go Green Island again!!


Sometimes after dinner, we are listening to wonderful music with very big sounds and we’re dancing!! It is pretty fun and funny!!!!


Every weekend, my host father’s sons, who are step family came to our house and we often go out together!! I think step family culture is pretty good!! So, we went to PULM COVE beach and then we swam, which was awesome and fun!! I used a surfing board and then I caught many waves!! I could not stand up on the board, but it was awesome and I love surfing very much!!!


Last Saturday, my host mother’s family, who are my host grandfather, my host grandmother, host uncle and aunt and their family came to our house from Sydney and we ate lunch together!!  It was a big home party and it was pretty fun!!! We ate a lot delicious food and talked a lot!! Everyone welcomed me!!  So, that made me so happy and comfortable, and I felt they are exactly Aussies!!!  Aussie personality is warm, kind and awesome!!! That’s why I love Aussies!!  I want to be like such a person! They called themselves Aussie!! They are feeling friendly about themselves. And they proud of themselves!! I felt that is awesome culture!!! Isn’t it? And Australia is a multicultural nation. So I can see many international friends.  Some of them are from Germany and some of my friends’ parents are from Philippine, Japan and France. So some of my friends told me other languages!! So that’s why I learned French and German!! It is awesome and good motivation for me to learn English !! I would like to thanks to my awesome Aussie family and awesome Aussie friends!!! I often said Awesome, because all things are exciting and exactly awesome!!! Maybe I’ll become half Aussie. Little bit!!  I can’t believe that I have only two weeks to stay in Cairns, which means that I have to go back to Japan and I must say, “See you” to my Aussie friends and family! It makes me sad. But I have more two weeks.  So, I’ll do my best about everything which I can do now and I want to spend more and more valuable time!!!  My Aussie life will be my treasure!!!!  


Thank you for reading my report. See you on after two weeks!!









セントアンドリュースはカトリックの学校なので先週の金曜日にはカトリックの儀式、ミサがありました。私たちはミサを捧げ素晴らしい歌を歌ったりしました。また、 あなたの平和を願ってと言いながらたくさんの友達と握手し絆を感じました!









毎週末、ホストファザーの息子、ステップファミリーが家に来て一緒に出かけます!ステップファミリーの文化は素晴らしいと思います。私たちはPULM COVE beachに行きました!泳いだり、サーフィンの板を使って波にのりました!最高に楽しく私はオーストラリアの海で泳ぐのが大好きです。