From Australia Report on St. Andrew’s Catholic College_170326

Now we have received the updated report from Australia, which shows us how amazing her staying and studying there as an exchange students have been.   It would our great pleasure to share her report by Kyoka Maeda in Cairns, Australia.


Hello! This is Kyoka Maeda from Cairns in Australia!


I feel that I want to stay here longer as time goes by. My life here is enjoyable so much, and I am living a full life.  Although it has become my last report, I am happy if you enjoy it!


Last Saturday, my host family took me to the creek. The creek was colder than the water in the pool, and it took me time to get used to it, but I felt great since it was a very hot that day. At the creek, there was a hand swing, easily installed to the tree. We enjoyed playing with it.


Also, I went to the movie night which was held at school during night. The movie was shown on the big screen in the gymnasium. I went there with my host sister and her friend. Everyone brought in cushions. We brought in a big bean bag. There were people who brought in beddings, and I was surprised.  They sold ice cream, pop corns and soft drinks and it was very comfortable. The movie was very interesting and it was a great time.


At school, we did calligraphy during Japanese class. I wrote some models with Ayaka, who came to Australia together, such as 「希」(wish),「夢」(dream),「幸」(happiness),「友」(friend),「愛」(love) and「笑」(smile) and everyone wrote their favorite ones. When we asked them if they have a Chinese character they want to write, one of them said 「餅」(rice cake), which was kind of unique. There were some words they did not know if its word has a Chinese character for it or not, so it was fun to introduce how each Chinese character is structured and the meaning of it. 


Not only calligraphy, but we also made a presentation in English. I usually have some chances to make a presentation in front of Japanese people, but I hadn’t had chances to do it in front of people who use English as their mother language, so I was a bit nervous. I spoke about the disastrous earthquake of East Japan and nuclear power generation. There are only few earthquakes and there are no nuclear power plants in Australia, so I think it was not a familiar topic for them.  However, everyone listened to me empathically, so I was glad.


Also, during a period, which is similar to Home Room period in Japan, we celebrated the students’ birthdays during term 1.  We brought some cakes and snacks and had them. I had a chance eating authentic lamingtons there, which was delicious. It was my first time to have it. I brought some wasanbon sugar sweets which I brought from Japan. It was gone immediately, and everyone said that it was good. I was happy to share the Japanese taste, and I felt pleasant. 


I have been staying here since the end of January, and I learned a lot of things during this two months. The most surprising thing here was that some places does not have street lights. But

many rear reflectors are embedded in the road, and it is light enough because of it. Rear reflectors are also used for road signals. When it is not cloudy, the stars are very beautiful, and I tend to look at the stars when I get out at night. Unfortunately, most of the days here were cloudy, and only had the chance to see them few times, but I felt more special because of that. 


It was raining almost every day, since I came here. It was raining while moving to other class rooms, so I got very wet.  At first, I didn’t like getting wet. We usually use umbrellas even if it rains a little in Japan, but I think people enjoys getting wet here.  As time goes by, I got used to it and I rode bikes, and swam in the rain which was pretty good. 


The school area is very big compared to tall Japanese schools, and it takes a long time to move to other class rooms.  Even though it is very far to the bus stop from our class room, the departure time is early, so we always run. At first, I was surprised at the time table which

has no recess between every period, but I became used to it right away, and now it is natural for me.


Also, I noticed that a lot of Japanese things are used in foreign countries. It was my first time to see Japanese cars abroad, so I was surprised to see them used here. Another thing which surprised me was how popular pokemon is. My host brother, who is five years old, loves pokemon, and he often watches it on television. He asked me, “How do you say Pikachu in Japanese?” on the other day, and everyone in our host family laughed.  In school, there are a lot of Japanese comic books translated in English, and I was surprised when I saw it for the first time. I was happy to see things from my country being penetrated in foreign countries for real.


I have been here for two months, which is a short time, but I was able to meet many wonderful people such as teachers who teach us funny lessons, friends who are enjoyable and always nice, and my lively and bright host family who always helps me when I have trouble, and always gives me energy. Many teachers and my family helped me before coming here. A lot of people helped me during this two months.  I am full of thanks to everyone. This

was my first time to visit Cairns, but now it is one of my most favorite places. I wish I can visit here again.


Finally, I would like to make use of this valuable experience in the future. I only have one week left, but I would like to enjoy the rest of my stay!  Thank you for reading my report!  See you!















一月の末からここに滞在して、この二か月で沢山のことを学びました。 ここに来てまず一番に驚いたのは、一部の道路に街灯がないことです。街灯がないからと言って真っ暗なわけではありません。道路には沢山の反射板が埋め込まれていて、それだけで十分明るくなります。道路に埋め込まれているだけでなく、標識なども同じように光っています。曇っていないときは星がとても綺麗で、夜外に出るとついつい空を見上げてしまいます。残念なことに曇っていることが多く、何度かしか綺麗な星空は見えませんでしたが、その分特別感を感じました。