From Australia Report on St. Andrew’s Catholic College_170225

From Otsuma Nakano International Department.   We are so happy to get some feedback about these reports on our students’ exchange programs.  We would like to express our thanks to you all.  Now here comes another report from Australia by Kyoka Maeda.  It’s our great pleasure to share it with you.


Hello! This is Kyoka Maeda from Cairns in Australia!  The rainy days ended, and the weather became stable. Although half of the period has already passed, I would like to enjoy the time left.


Last weekend, I went swimming in the river. It was very hot that day, so swimming in the cold water of the river was fantastic. We rode on boogie boards at the rapids, and climbed a big rock and dove in the water. Climbing a big rock was very hard because it was slippery, but I was very happy when I got to the top, and it was fun to dive in.


Also, that afternoon, I went to a birthday party of my host sister’s great grandfather, who turned 96 years old. I was surprised because he was so energetic, he did not seem like 96 years old. At the party, there were a lot of his relatives who were his descendants, such as his children, grandchildren, and also his great grandchildren. I talked a lot with a girl I met at the party, who is the cousin of my host sister.  She told me about Australia, and stories of when she visited Japan, and it was nice and interesting.  She was learning Japanese at her school, so I taught her some phrases. When I went for a walk with her, she showed me a leaf, which smelled good when I broke it in two pieces. She said that it is an Australian smell. At the park, I climbed a lot of trees and it felt good when there was a breeze. For dinner, we had some dishes everyone brought. It was a great dinner!


We had an event called “swimming carnival” in St Andrew’s. This is an event we compete with four colored teams, red, blue, green, and yellow by swimming. I didn’t take part in the race, but I cheered for my buddy’s team. There are names and symbols in each team. Red is Chisolm, and it symbolizes the animals in Australia. Blue is Mackillop, which symbolizes the sea. My buddy’s team green, Ozanam symbolizes the forest, and lastly, yellow is Hollows, and it symbolizes the sun.  Though I didn’t participate in the race, it was so hot that I got in the pool. My buddy’s team Ozanam won the first prize, and I was glad.


 The other day, I went to the night market. The night market was very bustle, and there were many shops. There were a lot of cheap things and souvenirs that I can get for my family and friends. There were many Japanese shop assistants, so I heard Japanese conversation, and some of them spoke to me in Japanese, which was a bit weird. I would like to go there again if I have a chance.


It is very hot every day, but I would like to do my best and not lose to the heat and enjoy the rest of my days here.


Thank you for reading my report, and see you on my next one!

 こんにちは!オーストラリアのケアンズに滞在中の前田響佳です! 雨が続いていた日々もやっと終わり、天候が安定してきました。ここでの期間も半分が終わりましたが、残された時間を楽しみたいと思います。