From New Zealand_Report on New Plymouth GHS_Jan_2017

From hot summer New Zealand, another fantastic report has come, which makes us feel impressed with how it enhances your life to make friends from different countries with different cultural backgrounds.  Naoka Yoshizawa shares her great stories in the South Island of New Zealand with us all.   Here we go!


Hello, there!!  This is Naoka Yoshizawa from New Zealand.  I wish you a Happy New Year!!! How have you been doing? I am so sorry that it took me long time to upload my report.  I joined one of the South Island tours with other international students who are staying New Zealand now. I challenged to do a lot of new things and made many friends. I would like to share my story about this tour with you from now on.


The first thing is about my new friends.  There were 5 boys and 12 girls, who are studying in New Zealand, in the tour. Most of them were from Germany, but also some of them were from Mexico, Holland, Norway, Switzerland, and Austria.  I am the only one who is from Asia. So, I was so difficult to talk with them friendly in beginning of the tour, but I was getting better soon because my friends were so nice to me… And of course, there were no Japanese except me, so I talked with them only in English and that made me improve my English more I think. We did a lot of funny stuff as well. I made my best friends. They are from Germany and staying Wellington and Nelson right now. It is not easy to go there, but if there are some opportunities, I definitely want to go to see them.  


When I had farewell from my friends, I cried 4 times even though we spent for 2 weeks. When we encounter somebody, we must say farewell to them as well. But it is not farewell forever. I want to keep contact with these friends of mine when I go back Japan.


The next thing is about what I tried in the tour. I tried 3 things which I haven’t tried to do ever before. The first thing is jumping from a rock into the river. It was quite scary because the height between the rock to the river is 3m or 5m.  When I jumped first time was too scary to jump, so I couldn’t jump, but my friends cheered me up, so I jumped!  The second thing is Jet Board. It is a famous activity in New Zealand.  It was like a ride on a big board and go through between rocks by 80km per an hour and sometimes spin for 360 degrees. It has been showed on TV in Japan as well. The third thing is Zipline Ride. It is a kind of Canyon Swing. There is a thick rope with me to second rope and it takes me to the other side of the rock and it has 109m to the river and makes us more scared. I was scared but also I enjoyed! These experiences made my mindset stronger.


The last thing is about some good points of this tour. I think this kind of tours is as good as studying abroad because students who join this tour are using English as second language, so we must speak in English. But there is no student from the same country as you in the group.  Also, we can see nice places with my friends, which is going to be awesome memories and I will never forget them.


School will begin next week and new students from Otsuma Nakano will come. I am looking forward to seeing them! Thank you for reading this report!! See you next time!!



1つ目は友達についてです。ニュージーランドで勉強している5人の男子と12人の女子がツアーに参加していました。8割の生徒がドイツ出身で、他にもメキシコ、オランダ、ノルウェー、スイスそしてオーストリアからきていました。私だけがアジアからの出身でした。最初は、フレンドリーに話すのは難しかったですが、友達が気さくに話しかけてくれたのですぐに慣れました。 また、もちろん日本人は私以外いないので英語しか話さず、より英語が上達したと思います。また、たくさん面白いことをしました。親友も作りました。彼女たちは、ドイツ出身でウェリントンとネルソンにホームステイしています。会いに行ったりするのは簡単ではありませんが、機会があるなら、絶対に行きたいです。また、みんなと2週間しか過ごしていないのに別れはとても悲しくて、4回も泣いてしまいました。出会いには別れがつきものですが、一生の別れではありません。日本に帰ってからも連絡を取り合いたいと思います。