From New Zealand_Report on New Plymouth GHS_Aug. 16th

Updated Report from New Zealand – 16th August, 2016


Now here comes the regular report from Naoka Yoshizawa, a 10th grader of Otsuma Nakano High School, who is attending New Plymouth Girls' High School. She has been studying at the high school as an exchange student for a year.  She is going to share with you what’s going on in New Plynouth.


Hello everyone!  How have been doing?  I am writing this report once every three weeks. I would like to talk about what I did during these three weeks!  It was a really fun in these three weeks, which were very special time because I had a lot to enjoy, I stayed over my friend’s house and I also had my birthday! 


Term three begun from the 25th of July.  The six students who joined New PGH for two weeks from Otsuma came in this week. They were quite nice girls. I also talked about NPGHS and how to spend two weeks with host family etc. to these girls. I liked to talk with them. My classes also begun so I was a little bit busy…


In the next week, I went to my kiwi friend’s house, who is taking the same hospitality class as me to sleep over there. I talked about a lot of things. I also tried to watch a horror movie but I couldn’t because it was too scary to watch… So we changed to a movie called “A Cinderella story” with Selena Gomez. She was so cute and her voice was so nice.  Her friends were also nice girls so I spent a great time!


In the third week, I had my birthday. On my birthday, many friends sent me birthday messages and sang a birthday song for me. I was really happy. My family also gave me a video they sang birthday song for me. It made me cry… Six girls from Otsuma also sang a song to me during their farewell party. I thought they are so kind and nice. After school, I went to Centre City and town with my friends and ate ice cream.  The next day, I did my birthday party! I invited some international girls and kiwi girls. They and my host mother gave me such lovely presents. I love them! We also played some games and ate cake, chips, pizza etc. I felt the time went so fast. The party was so fun and I enjoyed it so much.


The next day, the six students from Otsuma went back to Japan… I was so sad because I love them! In their first week, I had talked with them about the lives here, but it was all I could do with them because they had ESOL class with Teff and some activity.  But their next week, they attended their buddies’classes. It was so hard for them, but I hope it would become a good experience for them. At lunch time, they came to the international room to eat lunch. They talked to me about what happened with their homestay or classes. I sometimes asked them in English and they also answered in English. I was so happy and enjoyed to talk them. Some girls tried to talk with other international girls. In the end their trip, they could improve their English. When they left here, I was so sad. I hope to talk with them again when I go back to Otsuma Nakano.


Thank you so much for reading. See you next time!


 7月25日から始まったターム3。最初の週には、大妻中野からの6人の生徒が2週間の短期留学としてきました。みんなとても良い子で、私もNPGHSのことやホストファミリー、バディー、より良くNew Zealand Lifeを楽しむコツについて話したりもしました。私の授業も始まり、少し忙しい1週間になりました。



 次の日には、6人の生徒たちが日本に帰ってしまいました。本当にいい子たちばかりで大好きだったので、やはり、悲しかったです。生徒たちが来た最初の週には、テフとの授業やアクティビティがあったため、NPGHSの話をしただけでした。次の週には、現地のバディーの子の授業に参加しました。やはり、かなりハードだったと思いますが、良い経験になってくれればと、思います。お昼には、インターナショナルルームで今日は何があったとかホストファミリーやバディーがどうなど。時には、英語で話したりも… みんなと話すのは、本当に楽しかったです。また、他のインターナショナルの友達とも話そうとする子もいました。確実に英語力は上がったと思います。日本に帰ったときにもまた、話せるのを楽しみにしています。