From America_Study at University of Saint Joseph_12

August 9th, Tuesday, 2016


We welcomed the second Tuesday during our stay in the University of Saint Joseph.  This morning came to us with perfect blue sky and beautiful sunshine. The weather was so comfortable that we could say, “this is a perfect day for anything to do.”


In the morning, as the final class at USJ, we had another special nursing class with Professor Terry Kinsey.  Today, we all gave it a try to go into the intensive care unit of this Nursing Labo. Also all of the students examined a mannequin patient with his heartbeat pulse and lung breath with a real stethoscope.  While examining the patient, he suddenly got into difficulty in breathing and his pulse was disappearing.  So the students there were required to save his life with CPR, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.


From the monitor of this ICU, a voice of Professor Kinsey was heard, “Be brave, students. Try to save his life with pushing his heart strongly.”  Students made every effort to give him cardiac massage very strongly so many times. Finally, the patient returned to his consciousness and told them, “Thank you for saving my life.”  Their effort was well rewarded. This thanks message from the patient makes difference to the students.  “Good job!”, they could hear encouraging voice of Professor Kinsey.  This medical action was recorded on the computer, so that all of them would share it for their better understating of this medical treatment.


Finally, Professor Kinsey made a quick lecture about the process to be a nurse in America. This is very interesting explanation to us.  In America, the basic step to be a nurse is to graduate from high school with appropriate grades and go to university to major nursing course.  Also science bachelor degree is required, such as chemistry and biology.  And then after they get enough credits of nursing, they are required to take some tests, which are a little bit different from states to states in America.  So general process to be a nurse is similar to the ones in Japan.


To wrap up these classes for us, Professor Kinsey said to her students, “What matters most to nursing and to be a good nurse is to build empathy for patients, which means to consider how patients are feeling now and to make them feel comfortable prior to being good at science and biology.”  All of our students deeply appreciated Professor Kinsey’s great and helpful advice.  They believe this advice will be so crucial to them in any career they choose in their future.





集中治療室のモニターからは、キンゼイ教授の声が聞こえてきます。「勇気を持って、強く心臓をマッサージして、患者の命を救ってください。」生徒たちは真剣に、できる限りの力を込めて、心臓マッサージを何回も行いました。そして、最後に患者は意識を取り戻して、治療を行った生徒たちに感謝の言葉をかけます。この「救ってくれてありがとう」という言葉が大きな意味を持ちます。「感謝されたんだ!」という実感です。 「グッド・ジョブ!」というキンゼイ教授の大きな声が聞こえます。この医療行為はコンピュータに記録され、皆でシェアされます。