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Now Term 2 of New Plymouth Girls’ High School is closing.  Here comes the final report by one of the exchange students at New Plymouth GH.  Shino Koyama, who has been staying and studying at New Plymouth GHS for term 2, is going to wrap up her life there.


Hi, there! I'm Shino Koyama, as an exchange student at New Plymouth Girls’ High School.  I have to leave New Plymouth this Saturday and I will go back Japan on Sunday! I can't believe that I have to leave here after 6 days. But I'm really sure that it will be really good and awesome memories for me!


Now, I will introduce my last week.


On Tuesday I went to my friend's house with my host family and had dinner with them. My friend is a kiwi and she is year 11 as well. I had lunch with her. I ate pizza, coleslaw and ice cream. That was really delicious.  We watched some movies during we had dinner. It was a great time!


On Thursday Ayaka, Naoka and I went to an International dinner. About 70 people from New Plymouth cam. Among them, seven other Japanese people came there. So there were 10 Japanese students.  We could choose our favorite food. I chose Curry, some chips and pancakes with ice creams. I ate ice cream of 5 scoops. It was so delicious dinner so I ate too much…  But I could make new friends, so it was really good experience for me.


On Friday we had a morning tea in ESOL class.  This is because one of our friends will go back to Chile, which is her real country. Everyone brought some snacks from own house and shared them together. Our teacher brought chocolate cake and mini cupcakes.  So we could eat a lot of snacks and cakes!!  On Friday after school, Ayaka, Naoka and I other international friends went to a roller skating place. It cost each $5.  When we had been there before, we had paid $7.  So we were lucky on the day!! We talked about that and we found that it was changed according the time zone.  If we go to there between 5-7, we have to pay $5, but if we go there between 7-9 , we have to pay $7.


On Saturday Ayaka, Teff's family and I went to Te Rewa Rewa bridge. It was sunny day, so we couldn't see clouds instead of we can see Mount TARANAKI!! It was really cool view. I was really happy to see that! If you come to New Plymouth, you should go there on a sunny day!  On Sunday I went to Mt.TARANAKI with my host family. It was a little bit cold, but the mountain was great! It was the last Sunday for me, so I was really happy to go there with my host family. We didn't climb but we walked up a path. I could feel the nature there.


When you face something challenging to overcome, I want to introduce one expression to you. That is "Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine" I think that it means you have to have own opinion and take action.


64 days have passed since I came New Plymouth. I could meet my awesome and kind friends.  I can't believe I will leave here on Saturday. But it is a great memory.  I will treasure my New Zealand life. It was the first time to go abroad for me, so I was not sure if I would do well in New Zealand. But my friends, NPGHS teachers, host family, Teff and all of the people who I've met students and people at New Plymouth helped me a lot. I appreciate it to these people. Thank you so, so much! I LOVE them also I will never forget them.


Thank you for everything!!

Sincerely yours,

Shino Koyama









土曜日には、岡田さんとテフリーの家族と Te Rewa Rewaという名前の橋に行きました。快晴で雲が見えない代わりに、タラナキ山が見えました!とても、綺麗な景色で感動しました!!日曜日には、ホストファミリーとタラナキ山に行きました。山には登りませんでしたが、山の中腹にある散策の道を1時間ほど歩きました。とても楽しかったです。



"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine"







小山 詩乃