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Updated Report on June 1st from St. Andrew’s Catholic College, Australia


The following is the updated report on St. Andrew’s Catholic College, Cairns, Australia by Emily Ishii, a 11th year student of Otsuma Nakano High School, who is enrolling at this college as a term 2 current exchange student.


Hello! This is Emily Ishii and I'm an exchange student at St. Andrew’s Catholic College.  These weeks have been going past so quick, it's incredible! As for the weather, it was starting to get cooler a few days ago, but now it has become hot again.


On the weekend, it was my host sister’s birthday and so she had a birthday party with her friends at Crystal Cascades, which is the creek that I went to a few weeks ago. The water was nice and cold that day and it felt really good. We went on the natural water slide, which is basically a waterfall on a slope, where we played in the water and jumped into the water from some rocks. We also had some snacks and a cake and I had an awesome time! I would say that this is one of my favourite places in Cairns.


On another weekend, my host family took me to a Ski Park. Unfortunately, since it was raining a little, we couldn't do the water ski, but there was a large course of floating slides and a trampoline and many more of those equipment, so we played on them instead. (It may not seem like much on the picture, but it is actually quite big in reality). To slide down a slide we have to climb up a lot, so my arm muscles really hurt on the next day, but it was all worth it!


Since my host family is thinking of moving, I sometimes go and look at houses with them. I enjoy looking at houses especially since the ones here are so different from the ones where I live. What I love about the houses here is that quite a couple of houses here have their own pool and a lot of the houses seem very spacious. I have also noticed that in a lot of areas, the houses only have one floor.


On Friday year 11th students had an exam in the morning, so Marin, the other exchange student, and I went to the middle school Japanese classes to help out. We did a presentation on our life in Japan in English. At first I was afraid that everyone would be bored and not listen much but to my surprise, most of them listened quite well and seemed interested. Watching their reactions was pretty interesting and they got excited when we introduced Round1 to them.


Now the longer I'm being here, the more fun my life here has become than it ever was. I love being able to walk to the beach especially since the one near my host family’s house is so beautiful.  Thanks to my wonderful host family, I'm also really comfortable and I have fun at home as well as at school.


Kind regards,

Emily Ishii




この前の週末は、ホストシスターの誕生日だったので、友達を呼んで誕生日パーティーをしました。パーティーは前に行った Crystal Cascades というクリークでやりました。その日は水が冷たくてとても気持ちよかったです。そこでは、自然によってできたウォータスライドに乗ったり、岩から飛び込んだり、水の中で遊んだりしました。お菓子やケーキも食べたりしてとても楽しい時間を過ごすことができました。 Crystal Cascades はケアンズのなかで最も好きな場所の1つです。