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Updated Report on May 31st from Cairns, Australia


The following is the updated report on St. Andrew's Catholic College by Marin Nakamura, who is enrolling at the college as 2nd term of 2016 exchange student.  Her report is so amazing and outstanding comparison study about interesting difference in school cultures between St. Andrew's and Otsuma Nakano.


Hello, everyone there!  I'm Marin Nakamura, 11th year student of Otsuma Nakano and also a current St. Andrew's student.


Guess what?  I have only 4 more weeks to stay in Cairns, Australia left.  I am feeling everyday has passed so quickly that I can’t remember.  It is getting cooler, so many people are starting to wear a long sleaved jumpers.  Australian people say that 26 degrees is cold. Can you imagine that?  Most Japanese would think that is moderate climate.  But Australian lives in a tropical so they feel cold.  The season is opposite in Australia compared to japan, so the Christmas is hot in here.  I think it’s very cool!  How is everything in Japan?  I guess it’s getting hot, day by day. Today, I will like to introduce a school difference between Otsuma Nakano and St Andrews.


The big difference is that the St. Andrew’s school buildings are very colourful and the buildings are separated, so students have to go outside when they move to the other classrooms.  We move to the other classroom in every subject and we don’t have a 10 minute break, so we usually get little bit late for the next class.   But in Otsuma Nakano, the school buildings are made of bricks and not separated, so we don’t have to go outside and there is an elevator which we can use in the morning and the afternoon.  I was a little bit surprised to see the many students don’t use their umbrellas when it rains and when they move to the other classrooms. Even though it was raining heavy outside!  I guess if this was in Japan, everyone would run.


Everywhere is surrounded by a lot of beautiful nature here.  I live in Tokyo, so I cannot see much nature, which makes me sad.  I was also surprised about the school playground at St. Andrew’s. It is so large that I can’t explain the size of the playground.  There was a cross country in week 2 that was held in a school playground. Cross country is a 3 kilometre race around the school, students have an option to either do this or run 800 meters instead.  Every student has a sports team, there is Chisolm which is red, Hollows which is yellow, Ozanam which is green and Mackillop which is blue, our sports teams are named after Catholic saints and every saints are Australian.


 In Japan, we usually eat lunch at the table and sit in a chair, but in Australia, we eat lunch at the ground. I think that is a cultural difference between japan and Australia.  In St. Andrew’s, there is a morning tea time and the lunch time.  So there is a big second break and we can buy foods at tucks shop, which sells sandwiches, ice cream, cakes and so on.  However, there isn’t vending machine at school, so everyone has to buy drinks at the tuckshop and I was surprised about the price of the ice tea.  In Japan, it cost about 1 dollar and 50 cents but here in Australia, it cost about 4 dollar. I think the prices are higher in Australia than in Japan.


In Otsuma Nakano, most of the students join a clubs after school, but there are no clubs in St. Andrew’s, so most of the students go home as soon as possible.  Well, there is some clubs but it’s only once a week.  What’s difference is that the school ends at 2:40 pm, so it is very fast to go home and most students come to the school by car or the bus, so we don’t have to use the extremely crowded train! Which was very stressful every morning for me when I took the train in Japan.


How was my report about the difference between the school lives in Australia? I hope you enjoyed it.  I am now really enjoying the school life in St. Andrew’s.  Everyone is friendly and I am helping my friend’s Japanese homework and they help me with my English grammars when I make mistakes; which is very helpful for me.  I hope I will be able to improve my English skills further in the following weeks.


Kind regards,

Marin Nakamura







ケアンズはどこを見渡しても美しい自然で囲まれています。t.Andrew'sの校庭はすごく大きいです。大きすぎてサイズが表せません。week2にcross countryという学校の周りを3キロ走るか、800メートル走るという大会がありました。全生徒は赤、黄色、緑、青と4つのチームに分かれています。赤はChisolm、黄色はHollows、緑はOzanam、青はackillopです。全てオーストラリアのカトリックの聖人にちなんで名付けられたそうです。


日本では椅子に座ってお昼ご飯を食べるのが普通ですが、オーストラリアでは地面に座って食べます。これは文化の違いだと私は思いました。St.Andrew'sではmorning tea timeとlunch timeがありtacks shopという売店でサンドイッチやアイスクリーム、ケーキなどを買うことができます。アイスティーは日本で約150円なのにオーストラリアでは400円という値段に私は驚きました。こちらの方が日本より物価が高いです。