From Australia_Report_on_St. Andrew’s CC_Mar.10th_2016

From Australia_Report_on_St. Andrew’s Catholic College_Mar.10th -Kaho Mitsuhashi


Another updated report by Kaho Mitsuhashi from Australia has arrived.  She is enjoying great nature in Australia and cultural differences from lives in TOKYO.


Hello there!

I am now being surprised that I have just only two and a half weeks more to stay here.


On the last weekend, I went to the Rainforest station, where I had a chance to learn about the aboriginal culture.  They showed us how to play the didgeridoo. It was more complicated than I thought.  It has a simple outlook, but it looks difficult to play it using their tongues.  The most interesting thing was a boomerang.  I had a chance to throw it, but I couldn’t controlled it properly. However, it was very fascinating and fun.


One of the activities that are recommended in this place is the Army Duck Rainforest tour. Army Ducks was used by the military in WWⅡ. It was used for transportation of goods over both land and water.  So, it means that it is possible to use this vehicle on both land and water. The driver told us lots about the trees and the plants that grow there. It was fun splashing into the lake and learning the wild life.


Another thing I did was the horse riding. When I came here last time, I also had a chance to ride a horse and it was super fun! In Cairns, some of them have horses as pets like they have dogs as their pets. I think that it is very different from our TOKYO culture.  I said to my host family at the first day that if I have a chance I would love to ride a horse, so I was really excited!  I had a big horse and she was a bit cheeky. The height made me a little scared, but I got used to it quickly. As I said, it was my second time to ride a horse, but the woman, who taught us how to ride the horse, let me ride it without the leading rope. I fully used my balancing skills to stay stabled on the saddle. It was a very fascinating experience and I would love to ride it again!


I think my English is getting better than since I came here. At first I was mainly listening to what people talked, but now instead of just listening to them, I am joining their conversation.  I feel the words are coming out of my mouth more fluently.


At my school I am having a great time in my math class, even though it is my least favourite subject when I was back in Japan. We use calculator so that it can make the tasks much easier. The only problem is the story questions. Sometimes it is really hard to understand the question because I don’t know the terms.


Integrating into a brand new school is a hard thing. For my case it is also a school abroad.  But people around me are very friendly and lovely.  I would like to thank them for welcoming me so much.


All the best,


こんにちは! オーストラリアにいられるのもあと2週間半、驚いています。