From New Zealand_Report on New Plymouth GHS_#4_2016

This is the report updated on 22nd of February from New Plymouth GHS in New Zealand.  Nonoka Kuwabara looks now getting used to “kiwi” life there.


Hello, everyone!  New Plymouth is getting cooler day by day.  And yet it is still hot and good weather to enjoy getting into the sea.


Two weeks have passed since I handed in my first report.  I feel it's been a long time since I submitted my first report.  But I feel that the second due day for me to hand in my report came quickly, at which I was surprised.  Nowadays, my fun is to go to school. I hadn’t thought that I would enjoy going to school two weeks ago. However, now I have fun at thinking about “tomorrow, what I am going to talk about with my friends” or “what it will happen” at night.  So I can’t wait for tomorrow coming.


These days I made friends with not only students in ESOL, but also Fiji, Korea, China, Philippines and Iraq students. Also I play with my friends after school and make plans to go to the pool or dinner together. But we aren't in the same class. I don't talk much. So I want to be friends with kiwi girls and talk more.


I have a favorite subject.  It’s math. Math is easier than Japanese math. But there are writing questions in math. I read it and answer it, so I think math is a good subject because maybe my English level is improving.  I am poor at other subjects, because they are so difficult for me.  I want to like all of them.

I get used to my home stay little by little.  So I can be relaxed and it looks like my home. When I came back home, I am served cooled water and some sweets by my host family.  I am happy when I eat them.  After I eat them, I do my homework. But all things are written in English, so it’s difficult for me to answer, so it takes a lot of time. But if I finished my homework early, my host mother plays a lot of games with me. For example, card games, monopoly, banana game, and scrabble. When I and my host mother play them, I have a good time, because we don't need to understand everything each other say. After I eat dinner, I watch movies. Nowadays, I watched “The little mermaid” and “The Devil Wears Prada”. I said that I liked it and host family bought it. I watched it, so I think that I understood all things. And yet, I didn’t understand many things. So I can’t be relaxed because I'm watching a movie to remember.  But I think it is good listening practice.  If I have never watched the movie, my host family would explain the story line, so I can understand a little. I have finally settled down. Now I try anything. I can’t still speak and understand English enough. So I want to get a friendly feeling to English, and I work hard and hope to make myself progress.

Best wishes,


Nonoka Kuwabara


こんにちは。だんだんと私のいるNew Plymouthは涼しくなってきています。しかし、それでもまだ暖かい日が続いていて、海に入るにはとてもいい天気です。前のレポート提出から早いもので、もうすぐ二週間がたちます。初回のレポート提出までの期間はすごく長いものに感じましたが、今回の提出日になるまでの期間はすごく短く感じ、もう二週間たったの?と驚きをかんじています。