From Australia_Report on St. Andrew’s_#3_2016

This is the updated report from Australia on the stay and study program at St.Andrew’s by Kaho Mitsuhashi, 20th Feb, 2016.


Hello there !  I am Kaho Mitsuhashi from St. Andrew's Catholic College in Australia.


It has been two weeks since I came to Cairns. I am getting used to the weather and my school here, St. Andrew’s Catholic School.


Last week end, we went to Paronella park, which is a place made by a man who dreamed to have his own castle all on his own. I was really surprised when I heard that it was made just by himself.  If you look at it closely, you can recognize that it is made by using hands. 

To my great surprise this week, I had three birthday parties in a row.  First one was on the Friday for the puppy turned 2 years old.  On the next day, we went to Port Douglas. The view was beautiful!  In Tokyo we don`t have such a place to enjoy nature.  Not just this place, nature is very close to us in Cairns. I feel the sky is big here. I think it is because there aren`t such tall buildings as we do in Tokyo. After that we had a birthday party in our house for the eldest host sister. 

On Sunday, it was the second oldest host sister`s birthday. For a birthday trip, my host family took me to the butterfly sanctuary. To be honest, I actually don`t like insects, but when I got there it was amazing. There were lots of butterflies flying around.  They were so beautiful!  In this place, if you are lucky the butterfly will land on you.  The birthday girls were lucky enough to have butterfly on them.  We went to the beach again and had a party there. The weekend was little busy, but there were lots of relatives came to celebrate their birthdays and it was very lovely.

Today, we had a swimming carnival. In Otsuma Nakano, there aren`t any swimming classes and either, we don`t have any tournaments, contests or carnivals. So it was new for me and fun to watch students compete with each other by swimming.  We have sports festival in Otsuma Nakano and we compete as a team.  In St. Andrew’s they also had teams, but there were 4 of them. They don`t change their team from Prep to Year 12 and their siblings are all in same team. The system was interesting because we divide our teams by classes, and we don`t have such uniforms to wear. The students were all dressed in there house`s colour. It was colourful and I thought that we will never see this in our school. My buddy was in the red team so that I get the house uniform and supported them. I didn`t participate in any races, but I hopped into the pool and had fun swimming. It was nice and cool especially in the hot summer day like today. 

I can find many differences between St. Andrews and Otsuma Nakano about ordinary school life. I wish that I can bring it back to our school.






今週は、3つのパースデーパーティーに連続して行きました。1つ目は金曜に従兄弟の家にいる2才になるわんちゃんの誕生日会でした。次の日ポートダグラスというマクロサンストリートで有名な場所に行きました。映画でよく使われている通りです。そしてビーチでピクニックをしました。夜は家でホストファミリーの一番上のお姉ちゃんの誕生日会を開きました。日曜日は、2番目のお姉ちゃんの誕生日でした。バースデートリップとしてButterfly sanctuaryに行きました。実のところ、私は虫が苦手で蝶も得意ではありません。ですが、訪れてみるとたくさんの蝶々が舞っていて素晴らしかったです。そこでは、幸運に恵まれると蝶々がとまってくれます。幸運にもバースデーガールたちに蝶々がとまってくれました。そしてその後、ビーチに再び行き誕生日会を開きました。この週末は少々忙しかったですが、誕生日を祝いにたくさんの親戚がきてすごくあたたかくて良いなと思いまいた。


今日はSwimming carnivalがありました。大妻中野では、水泳の授業はなく、大会もないので生徒たちが泳ぎで競っているのをみるのは新鮮で楽しかったです。大妻中野では、体育祭がありチームとして戦います。セントアンドリュースも同様にチームはありましたが4つに分かれていました。幼稚園から12年生までチームは変わらず、兄弟はみんな同じチームに配属されます。私たちはクラスで組み分けをするのでこの制度は興味深かったです。そして私たちはそのチームとして着るユニフォームはありません。ここでは、生徒たちはチームそれぞれの洋服や水着をきていました。とてもカラフルで大妻中野ではみられない光景だな、と思いました。私はどのレースにも参加しませんでしたが、自由参加の時間にプールに飛び込んで泳ぎました。冷たくて気持ち良く今日みたいな真夏日には最適でした。