It’s our great pleasure to share another final report from St. Andrew’s Catholic College. Ayaka Ukida will give a special report and big thanks to you all.


Hello!  G’day mate!!  I'm Ayana Ukida from Cairns, Australia.  This is my final report.  I can't believe I have to leave Cairns in less than a week.  Anyway, I'm going to write what I did last week, which will be my successful conclusion.


At school, we had big exams for the grade 10 students.  Sui and I decided to take the exams of math and chemistry.  Since the contents of this exam was from what we learned in term 1, so it was a bit hard to catch up, but actually, the contents of the exams were not so difficult as what I expected.  What was the hardest was to understand the questions in English.  However, I was very happy that I could pass the exams of math and chemistry.


On the weekend, my friend Lauren, who participated in the exchange program at my school during 2017 term 3, Sui’s buddy, my buddy, Sui and I enjoyed dinner together. We were talk a lot and laughed a lot. When I look back on these days, they were helpful to me so much and looked after me very much. I want to say a big thank you to them, and also they are my best friends in my whole life.


I have only 5 more days here in Cairns and I can't believe it.  And also I am surprised at how quickly these 3 months have passed!! I am so thankful for my stay with the same host family and thank my buddy Alina for taking care of me. I will never forget these memories.


Thank you for reading my final report. And I would like to give a special big thanks to YOU, readers of my report.













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