A new report from Arisa Odagiri, an exchange student who is studying at New Plymouth Girls High School. Today I would like to share her updated report with you all.


Hi everyone! I’m Arisa Odagiri.  I’m an exchange student in New Zealand. Two months will have passed soon since I came here.  I feel the time here passes very quickly.  I have gotten used to this life, but I still feel that the study at school is very difficult.


Recently the weather was bad and one day a power cut happened during my class.  But as it often rains, we can see rainbows many times in these days.


An international dinner was held last Wednesday. It was the event where exchange students at New Plymouth Girls High gathered.  It was a lot of fun to meet with many exchange students from other countries. When I joined this dinner, I felt that there were many exchange students from Japan.


Recently I’m interested in taking pictures of sunset and cooking because I don’t have any chances to do them in Japan.  In Japan, the sun goes down early in winter, so I don’t have a chance to look at the view.  So, I had a fresh feeling when I saw sunset in winter season in New Plymouth.  Also, I cook with my host mother, which also helps me with improving my English skill.  l think it is a very good time to practice English.


Now I have many friends to talk with at school, but they talk to me at first and I am often listening to what they talk, so I will try hard to speak to them positively from now on.


This picture was taken in front of the house when I went to school.

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