Here comes a new report to us from St. Andrew’s Catholic College, Cairns, Australia.  In this week, an exchange student, Ayana Ukida, reports to us her recent colorful life there. Enjoy sharing her experience.


Hello, there!  This is Ayana Ukida from Cairns Australia. It has been 8 weeks since I arrived here. In this report, I am going to write what I did in the last week.


At school, we did our assessment in a class.   We have more 3 weeks left in this term, so now is the time for them to have to finish their assessments, which means that students live with busy days.  One of my friends here suddenly began to cry, because she has a lot of stuff to do and she has a part time job on the weekend. Every student felt stressful regarding these assessments.  I wrote an English short story for my assessment. I wrote that by myself. It was hard and took me a lot of time to write it in English, but it was good opportunity to learn English grammar and to make my vocabulary increase much more.


Last weekend, my host father, his second sister and I went to a dance competition. At the competition, a lot of people from small children to high school students participated in that.  It was fun, and I enjoyed it.  The dance competition started from 7AM to 12AM, so I get really tired.  After that I went to a musical rehearsal which my host mother directed. When the musical performance is going on, I will not be here, so I cannot actually watch it, but I have already enjoyed it.


I cannot believe I have only 3 weeks left to stay here, which makes me very sad, but I still want to enjoy my rest days in Cairns. Thank you for reading my report.









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