Nanaka Watanabe, an exchange student who is now studying at Sacred Heart Girls’ College, one of our partner schools in New Plymouth, New Zealand, delivered her updated report to us all.  Here we go!


Kia Ora tatou!! I’m Nanaka Watanabe from Sacred Heart Girl’s College. It’s been one month since I arrived in New Zealand. I feel I’m getting used to the life here. Temperature is going down and Mt, Taranaki has some snows on the top.


In this report, I would like to write about Girl Guiding which I have joined.


Girl Guiding is the same as Girl Scout of Japan, and it is very active everywhere across New Zealand.  My host mother is a Leader with Girl Guiding New Plymouth.  In this activity, I can make a lot of friends who are in the almost same ages.  I’m happy to join this activity, because it is a nice chance to talk with them all in English.


The eighteenth of May was “Pink Shirt Day”.  It is a special day you can find in New Zealand or Canada to stop bullying.  In the activities of the Girl Guiding on the day, we had to wear something pink.


As part of the activities of the Girl Guiding, we made coconut ice and played some games. There was something interesting in the game we did.  In the game, we wrote some words like “You’re cute.” “You’re smart.”  on the pink rocks and leaving them in the park.  If you find these rocks, you’ll be glad. I think this is a really interesting activity.


From the activities of the Girl Guiding, I learned that it is important to cooperate with friends, to talk with all of us and to express our own opinions.  I want to say my opinion in English.  I’ll try to do it hard and enjoy the rest of my stay in New Zealand.


One of the photo is a piece of the cake my host mother made for “Pink Shirt Day”. The other is Mt,Taranaki with snows on the top.


Thank you for reading my report!!

みなさん、こんにちは!! セイクリッド・ハート・ガールズ・カレッジに留学中の渡辺菜々香です。






5月18日は “Pink Shirt Day “でした 。この活動はいじめを無くすためにニュージーランドやカナダなどの国で行われています。ガールズガイディングではみんなでピンクの物を身につけて、ココナッツアイスを作ったりゲームをしたりしました。


行なったゲームの中でとても興味のわくものがありました。それはピンクの石に自分たちで “You’re cute.” “ You’re smart.” などの言葉を書いて公園に置いておくというものです。もしこの石を見つけたらすごく嬉しいだろうし、面白い企画だなと思いました。






写真は私のホストマザーが” Pink Shirt Day “ の為に作ってくれたケーキと雪の降ったタラナキ山です。 私のレポートを読んでいただきありがとうございました!!

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