New report reached us from Australia.   Ayana Ukida, an exchange student who is currently studying at our sister school, St. Andrew’s Catholic College in Cairns Australia.  Here we go!


G'day mate!  This is Ayana Ukida from Cairns, Australia.  Cairns has a blue sky without any clouds, and it's very hot. In this report, I'm going to write what I did in the last week.


At school, I am taking the religion class, where we are now learning about the history of Aboriginal.  For one time, we did relaxation in this class.  I had also experienced something like relaxation when I was a junior high school student in a moral class.  But I was surprised at it, because there is a big difference between relaxation in my school and St. Andrew's.  In my school, relaxation was a short time sitting on the chair, but here in St. Andrew’s, we lie down on the floor and do it for a long time. When I first saw that situation, I thought that an earthquake came.


I played volleyball in this week too.  This time we played the games with students from another school.  I joined the team and played games.  I had been worried that I could communicate well with them, but I was able to communicate through words.  We won the game with 2:0 score. 


On the weekend, my host family and I went to Monster Truck and Skyrail.  A lot of people were there to come to see the Monster Truck, and a big car jumped or hit with loud sound.  It was very impressive and amazing.

In addition, Skyrail is a sightseeing spot full of rainforest that is also registered as one of the world heritage sites.  View from the sky was also wonderful and beautiful. The air was clean, and both of the heart and body were refreshed so much


Thank you for reading my report. I will still enjoy Cairns from now on.










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