Please let us introduce a new globally inspired student.   Minagi Akao, a new exchange student at New Plymouth GHS, reported her current school and home life to us all.


Hi Reira!!   I am Minagi Akao.  I’m an exchange student currently studying in New Zealand.  I’ve been staying in New Plymouth for 2 weeks since I arrived.  In New Plymouth, the weather is usually warm, these days, but last Saturday, it rained all day, so I realize that the winter is getting close and it is going to be a rainy season.


I will write about what I experienced during this week 2.


This week, I had a lot new experience in school and after school.  Last Monday was the first day for us to have a whole day lesson. It was a little hard because I found many technical terms in the lessons. But it was fun to learn and talk to lots of students.  This week an exchange student who came from Brazil went back home. It was so sad for me.


Right now, my favorite subject is Food Nutrition.  So far, we have learned how dangerous sugar is and how to make pancakes. I really like this subject because I like eating and learning about foods. But the real reason why I like it is because I can make something together with the NPGH students. I’m having fun at school every day.


My host family members are 4 people and 2 rabbits.  Everyone is very nice.  We always play monopoly a lot but first I didn’t know how to play, so the host sister taught me how to play and now, we play monopoly every day.  My host sister Juna and I are now kind of addicted to monopoly.


On Saturday, Arisa and I created a movie whose director was Arisa’s host mother’s mother.  It was so fun to make the movie and it was a really good experience for me.  Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and we went for a walk and went to the beach. It was so fun I ran into sand with bare feet like Kiwi kids does. We also made lots of things for mother.  As the same as the last week, it was a very nice weekend for me.


I’m having very good days in New Plymouth.  There aren’t so many people. We don’t have to ride on a crowded train every day.  We don’t have much homework than what we must do in Japan, and especially I can relax at night and don’t need to be awake until late at night.


I’m having a lovely time in New Plymouth now☺️
















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