Hello, there!!  I’m Haruka Yanagisawa, an exchange student from Otsuma Nakano currently studying at NPGHS.  Now we are getting close to the day when we have to say "Good bye" to Kiwi people.
In this report I will introduce what I did during Easter holidays.
The days from March 30 to April 3 were Easter holidays, so we had five long days off.  One day of Easter holidays I went to enjoying trampoline with my Japanese friends. The trampoline is called “Mega bounce. There are many types of trampolines and we jumped on them a lot.  I used to play trampoline when I was little and I have never done it again for long time, so my memories flashed back and it brought me back to my old days when I was a kid. 
After we enjoyed playing, we went to a restaurant to have lunch. I ate Hawaiian pizza and I shared it with my friends. I tried this pizza for the first time in New Zealand and I love it. I want to eat it when I go back to Japan too. After we finished having lunch, we went to the mall and enjoyed shopping. It was really nice to do shopping with my friends.
This is my final report from NewZealand. After Easter holidays I will go back to Japan soon. I have spent wonderful time here 
and I will miss everything in NewZealand. I want to enjoy the rest time here!
To all of you there, I definitely appreciate taking your time to read my report for 3 months!
イースターホリデーが終わったら日本に帰国するまであと少しになります。ニュージーランドの全てが恋しいです。最後までこちらの生活を楽しみたいと思います! 約3ヶ月間レポートを読んでいただきありがとうございました!

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