From Hong Kong_Report on the Tsukuba Univ – Hong Kong Univ. Global Leaders' Program in Hong Kong
本校の高校2年生の及川優さんが、全国のSGH校生徒から選抜された生徒が参加する「筑波大学ー香港大学 グローバル・リーダーズ・プログラム」に参加しました。この春休みに行われたプログラムです。全国から集まった志を同じくする仲間と香港大学での研修。グローバル・リーダーになるためには何が必要なのか、それをどう身につけていくのか、リサーチとディスカッションを重ね、大きく成長してくれました。及川さんからのこのプログラムのレポートです。
Hi, I’m Yu Oikawa, a 10th grade student of Otsuma Nakano Hih School.   It was my great honor that this March I participated in the Tsukuba University – Hong Kong University Global Leaders' Program.  I learned invaluable morals and lessons there.
First, I learned how important it is to think deeply by yourself and to take actions actively. When you encounter an issue, you shouldn’t try to solve it only through online information. You have to doubt whether it would be right or wrong and what's more imporntant is that you should know it's crucial to meet someone who knows the issue well and discuss it with them to solve it. I understood how meaningful it is to see, hear and feel by visiting actual places such as secondary schools and companies. 
Second, I could meet great peers there. Every single person there had strong will and motivation and had gather from all over the country. Each person has deep thoughts and ideas so everytime we discussed it, the time went by so fast and over schedule. Because we had strong bonds and friendships, we could honestly state own opinions, ask questions and absorb new ideas, and some prepare for the presentation which held at last day. 
Overall, this program taught me some points about me that I have to improve and and that I should be confident in. In this short term, I was able to grow my way of thinking wider and deeper. If anyone has interest in this program, I really recommend participating in this program. I guarantee this will change you, because it changed me a lot into a global leader.

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