St. Mary’s School is one of the educational partner schools in New Zealand, where Otsuma Nakano students study as exchange students.  Miyu Asajima, will share her report on her school life at St. Mary’s.


Hello, there!  I am Miyu Asajima, one of the students joining the term 1 exchange program with St. Mary’s School in New Zealand.   Time passes very quickly.  Half of the term 1 exchange program has passed since we came here.  Today, I would like to report my ways to spend holidays here at St. Mary’s.


 I stay with my host family at weekend once in three weeks. On the other day, I went to Wellington. Wellington is the capital city in New Zealand.  It takes five hours by car from Stratford where my school is located. I left for Wellington when I finished my school on Friday.  I ate sandwich as dinner in the car.  I remember it was so delicious.

We finally arrived at our vacation house in Wellington at 22 o'clock at the night of Friday.  In New Zealand, everyone goes to bed very early.  So, the day became very special day for me.


Next day, we went to a museum in Wellington.  It was so big and we could do shopping there.  There were some kinds of shops we cannot see much in Japan, which was so fascinating.  In addition, we ate Thai food and had lunch with my host sister friends.

I enjoyed spending time in Wellington!!!


And I would like to tell you one more thing here to you.  A few days ago in February, it was my birthday.  On the day, I got a big chocolate cake after dinner.  That was good enough for me to feel super happy.  What’s more, when I returned to my room, I found everyone was there to hold my birth day party, which surprised me very much. I was sooo surprised. There were snacks, cakes, juice and presents there.  We did not have bed time at the weekend. So, I was able to talk many things with them.  I won’t forget  

the birthday.


I would like to enjoy the rest of my days to be here for one month.

Thank you so much for watching my report.







あと一ヶ月、楽しもうと思います。 わたしのレポートを見てくれてありがとうございました。

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