Now the exchange program for Term 1 of St. Andrew’s Catholic College is turning the half of it, which means that the day for the exchange students from Otsuma Nakano to go back to Japan will be getting closer.  The following is the updated report by Yuka Saito.


Hi! I’m Yuka Saito, and I am in Australia for our sister school exchange program. This week turns the 7th week of my exchange, which means I only have 4 weeks left! Here is some experience that I had last week.


Last week, I had so many works and tasks to be done. I had to do my math, religion, and English assignments. The hardest one was math because I had to make a report of the way I did to solve the question. I didn’t even get the question. Therefore, I asked my buddy how to solve it, and thanks to her support, fortunately I did finish it!  It might be incorrect, but I’m satisfied with what I had done.


On the weekend, I went to see my host brother’s basketball game. I saw a lot of parents screaming at the boys. I had a chance to talk with one of them about Japan. I didn’t know the rules of the game, but I really enjoyed watching it.  Also, I went to listen to my host sister’s and brother’s orchestra. It was impressive. Most of the kids were younger than me, but they played really well. After that, my buddy and her friend took Nanaka and me to the Japanese and Korean restaurant. We had an udon, and it was pretty good! There was K-pop music video going on the screen, and my buddy and her friend sang along since they like K-pop. Then, we went to the night market and went to the doctor fish. I am ticklish, so I couldn’t sit up straight. I was screaming instead! We had desserts afterwards and went home. I was tired, but I had wonderful time.


I still have lots of assignments to do, but I will keep on trying!








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