Otsuma Nakano students are now expanding worldwide. Proudly we are going to share  another new report from Cairns, Australia.  Nanaka Otaki, a year 10 student of Otsuma Nakano, studying at St. Andrew’s Catholic College in Australia reports her impressive life there.


Hello!  This is Nanaka Otaki from Cairns, Australia with my third report ! I can’t believe half of my exchange program is over and I’m already feeling sad. In this report, I will be sharing what I experienced through the past week!!


At school, I was surprised by all the assignments the students have to do. In St. Andrews, we basically get assignments for each class you take and they are usually a report, or an essay.  Right now, I’m struggling on a math report since I’ve never written one and also it is because I don’t know much about mathematical terms. I hope I’ll get it done!


On the weekend, my host family took Yuka and me to Kuranda. Kuranda is a rainforest with a village full with markets. Luckily, Yuka and I was able to go up to Kuranda heights by the sky rail! It was so cool since the rainforest was right below us.  For lunch, we ate the classic fish & chips and spent the afternoon hanging around in the shops. It was so much fun!


Thank you so much for reading my report! I hope you enjoyed as much as I’m enjoying Cairns!!



St. Andrewsでは、とっている授業ごとにある課題を出されます。大体の課題がレポートやエッセイです。大妻中野と形式が違うのでとても驚きました!また、数学ではレポートを課題として出されました。私は数学のレポートを書いたことがないし、英語での数学の専門用語がわからないので今苦労しています。


週末にはホストファミリーが私と友花をキュランダに連れいってくれました。キュランダとは熱帯雨林の中にある街で沢山のお店が並んでいます。幸運なことに私と友花はスカイレールでキュランダへ行きました!熱帯雨林が真下にあるのでとても不思議でした。 お昼には有名なフィッシュ&チップスを食べ、午後はお店を見ながら過ごしました。とっても楽しかったです!



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